Hi Friends,

Here is poem #2 for my writing challenge. Today’s word is “Wonder”, suggested by Paolo B, over on Twitter. I have had an overwhelming amount of suggestions so far, which I really appreciate.

Looking through my growing list of words, I was searching for one to jump out at me and offer inspiration. Sometimes it is not that easy! But I gave it a go. It is not my best, but here we go, Enjoy!


I wonder where I am whilst I wander though the lonely, cold and desolate fields that have been touched by winter’s kiss

I wonder why I am here. I do not recall my journey to this frozen, bitter wasteland

I wonder what will happen to me. Will I survive? I feel like I’m freezing to the core

I wonder who will come searching for me. Is there anybody out there that will realise I am absent?

I wonder when I will find my way home. Do I have a home? I do not remember the feeling.



  1. A beautiful use of the word. I don’t have to wonder how wonderful is that you liked a post of mine, making me wander over here, leaving me in peaceful poetic wonderment ❤ ❤

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