Here’s Rage, as suggested by CMDR Shane. Channeling rage is not a strong point of mine, but I did my best!

You’re poking and prodding, then calling me mad
What did you expect?
You push and push and I see red 
And this is the affect

I feel the rage boiling inside of me
I was to scream in your face
I want to destroy everything
I want to wreck this place

You label me then act surprised when I take on the role
You act confused when I act cold
You act hurt when I retort 
The innocent act is gold

Let us get this on the record
Everyone has a limit
You pull the trigger, I react
Zero to one hundred in just a minute



  1. i just finished my first little book. Here are some tips, unwanted:

    If you are working with ipad, things get confused. I screenshot my first page and made it a different color. Easier to spot.
    i could not figure out page #s. Next time, Word Perfect.
    Word actually changed my stuff!
    Save a copy somewhere, not dropbox.
    Make a list of chapters with a little description of contents. Print in color.
    Watch out for printers and copiers. They change things.
    Print an xtra copy & put it somewhere safe.
    I check my work every day to make sure the program hasn’t changed things or saved an older version.
    Whenever I make revisions I save the revised one on a different file, Gobbledook 1, 2, etc.

    Good luck! I look forward to reading your fine work!

    Warmest, Mary

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  2. this is an emotion that properly channeled fuels the younger-than-me into bursts of creativity, or task, or perhaps even self-improvement. when you get older, it fuels ulcers, labels like “curmudgeon” and the like. And then you take classes in Tai Chi, or boxing. Or you find a nice scotch and let all the cares soothe away….

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  3. Your words are so timely as I just got done narrating the same on my blog. Anger is harmful, everyone tells us so. But rarely do people look at the reasons or the situations which brought one to the boiling point. I prefer seeing someone angry right there and then over someone who builds that anger slowly inside like a pressure cooker. And then blow up one fine day. This long-term anger needs to be addressed before its too late.

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