Here is a poem using the word “Confusion” Suggested by Love a Dip Dab on Twitter



Thoughts overlapping thoughts
Confusion a familiar feeling
Rubbing eyes
Body overheating
It is so hot, too hot
Heavy breathing 
Dizzy spell
Fingers to forehead
Vision blurred

Think straight
Think Straight
Think Straight 

Everything and nothing on the mind
Clarity is lost
No calm before the storm

Sip Water
Just breathe

Head rests in palms
Sweat on temples
Searching for calm
Confusion intensifies

Scratching the head
Looking around
Familiar place?

Present in body
Vacant in mind



Snap out of it


A sudden jolt

What just happened?!

Featured Image by Kay Wyne



  1. Beautiful piece!
    Love the way you express yourself so well!
    Can’t wait to read more…

    I have recently started blogging about my story and difficulties battling chronic Lyme disease. I’d love it if you’d come visit and leave some feedback!

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      1. Wondering if ur loving in the USA since most ppl sleep at this time. Only ppl like me suffering from extrem insomnia can’t fall asleep after 3.
        Mind telling where in the planet u r?

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      1. I’ve had a run in with anxiety for a two month period a year ago… it was horrifying not knowing what it was. Thinking it was a heart condition. Ugh. What a demon!

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      2. It’s quite the spectre dear friend – but has given me new insight into the power of biochemistry and such afflictions. I hope you are bright today, beautiful one 🌹

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  2. Confusion ©
    by Mary Leona

    “Contusion”? O sure, the mark produced by blow,
    no, that’s not right, “protrusion”?, something sticks
    out, wait, that’s wrong, “seclusion”?, nothing clicks,
    how bout “collusion”, no, “diffusion”, “fusion”, no
    “delusion”, “illusion”? O I don’t know,
    suppose I’ve got to check back but no flicks
    of memory’s email occur, no picks
    to inform me of what for sure must show.

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