When life throws you curve balls, All… The… Time…

Hello friends,

It saddens me that I missed two days of blogging, I was working on keeping my consistency up, but then of course life got in the way.

Some days it seems appealing to just give up and stop caring. You work hard on yourself, you work hard at life and you begin to think you are getting somewhere and bam, another curve ball, another obstruction, another hurdle.

For too long now I have felt like I am in a maze, hitting every dead end possible and wondering if there is really a way out of is it just a trick, giving me a sliver of hope to get out, but never really finding the escape.

Anxiety hit me last week, after a bit of bad news. Then, I could not shake that off, with it came its unwelcome friend depression and of course I felt like all of my hard work had come undone. One step forwards and ten steps back at this point. I felt, in a way, ashamed that I had to reach for my anxiety medication. It just felt like progress lost. Obviously this is not the case, it is always okay to get help when it is needed. I just thought I had beat it and it brought me down to see how easily it could come back and claim me.

Following the downward spiral came some bad news that a family member was not in a good way and it was a case of waiting for any news from anybody, because I live in a different country from my family and all I could do was wait.

I have felt an enormous amount of guilt recently too. This for the fact that I have moved away and seemingly not much has come in the way of progression. It is out of my hands that the situation happens to be this way and I have done all that I can, but again, the feeling of being stuck has left me feeling useless. This circles me back to what I said at first in this blog about wanting to be consistent. As I am waiting to move forward with my life here in Sweden, I wanted to continue with my writing, I wanted routine and structure, so I did not feel like I was wasting my days. So when I got a spell of anxiety it was tougher to shake off and I got caught in a really uncomfortable cycle.

I am so very lucky to have a kind and understanding partner who listens to me and offers advice where possible. It can not be easy for them to deal with this, because of course it is not just us that deal with our mental health issues, it is those around us too. I am nothing but grateful to have such a strong support system; I would not be where I am today without it.

So, today is another day and all I can do is try and make it a good one. The bouts are getting fewer and further between, which to me is progress and what I need to focus on.

If you are going through a tough time and just need someone to talk to, I am never too far away to listen. You can always send me an email: sarainlalaland@hotmail.com and I will do my best, even if you just need someone to vent to. Nobody should be or feel alone when they are battling the mind and that includes you.

Until next time, stay strong. You are stronger than you think.


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  1. Sometimes things just suck and it’s completely okay to feel like they suck. I think being able to communicate with people is incredibly helpful and I think you are a wonderful person to offer others a chance to share with you, privately. Sometimes it’s in our giving that we are able to find some solace. Bravo to you, brave woman! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Sorry you are having such a hard time lately. Grey skies of this time of year don’t help. Don’t worry about not blogging every single day. You do what you can, and when you do blog they’re always great things you have to say, share etc… Biggest hugs for better days ahead!!

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  3. Take care and I hope that things will take a better turn for you. I really connected with the part about having to take my anti-anxiety medication sometimes. It really does feel like a failure, but as time as gone by, I realized that these ups and downs are a part of healing. All the best.

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  4. I can relate with your depression part, I used to have all this when I had my depression, especially towards the days where it was about to get “well”. It feels bad not doing something and doing something right. I got lots of mood swings then. It doesn’t feels right on whatever things that one do.

    Push on! You’re great, definitely doing better then I am when I was in that state. We’ll kick off that monster!

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  5. Winter is never easy Spring is coming . I have had my bad days as well keep going though it’s okay to let it grab you but do not let it keep you down get back up and if you have to take the medication for now do it , it’s what its there for . Keep writing and don’t live with regrets . Keep us posted how your doing.

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  6. I really needed to read this and i am so happy i came across your blog. Lately i feel like I am taking one step forward and then 10 back. It is hard to stay hopeful and optimistic at times when this seems to be the pattern. Thank you for your insight and the best of luck to you! xoxo

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  7. Hi Sara I can relate to your experiences of anxiety and depression.I suffer with both.Taking medicine is a positive step and can be helpful.I have medicine for my anxiety I take when I need to,it took me a while to accept that it’s OK to take it.I also take anti-depressants.

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