Voices behind the words: An interview series with writers, (Interview #6)

Hello Friends.

This is my first ever interview. I really enjoyed doing it. Thank you to RhymeRula for choosing me to do this!

If you want to check it out, head over to their blog and show them some love!

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Real Free - Flowing Words

  • NEW INTERVIEW ALERT(DJ Khaled voice)
  • New poetry post hopefully uploaded by tomorrow

  • Welcome readers to another entry in this series I call Voices behind the words where I interview writers in the WordPress community. I’m currently thinking of venturing off an interviewing not just writers but other artists in the area I live at. Having said that this time around for Interview #6 I spoke with Sarah P. of SarainLaLaLand. The questions have been somewhat modified compared to previous ones as I’m adding more complexity to my questions. We spoke about what gives her the motivation to keep on writing with all the adversity she faces, her experience in joining WordPress, and the importance of promoting content on social media. If anyone is going through tough times and needs someone to converse with you can reach Sara at sarainlalaland@hotmail.com. Without further ado I leave you with our interview. I…

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