New Spring New You

Blue skies
Sunny days
Help to chase my blues away
Fresh breeze
Stunning trees
Surrounding beauty
Feeling free
Eyes open
Really see
Inspiration in front of me
World is sleeping
Let us rise
Welcome spring
Reliving sighs
Bad days come
Good days too
Take it slow
Just be true
You will make it
Each time through
Standing strong
Believe in you

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  1. Hey! I’m new to WordPress and just trying to find my way around. I am incredibly inspired by your blog! Thank you for sharing your talent 🙂 if you have any pointers for someone just joining I’ll be happy to take the advice!

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    1. I really have no method of blogging. I kind of just wing it and write from the heart. The best thing I can advise it always make sure you enjoying what you’re blogging about and use tags that are relevant so the right people find you. Reaching out to others like you are doing is always good too. Be yourself, everyone I have encountered on WordPress has been wonderful and supportive. Good luck with your blog!

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