Thank you

When I first saw you, I knew 
Everything about you a dream come true
My knight in a fancy shirt
Protecting my heart when I am hurt

Your smile warms my heart
I think of it often when we are apart
Green eyes gleaming with kindness
Handsome face is timeless 

Did you know you keep me sane?
Without you I would not be the same
With you I want to be a better me
You never forced, but helped me see

I swear to you, you saved my soul
I was worthless, you made me whole
You taught me happiness with no effort at all
And always you catch me when I fall

You wait it out in the darkness with me
You do it calmly and effortlessly
Your patience is admirable
With you my life is in no way dull

I love that you celebrate the little things
I adore the brightness your presence brings
When we hang out, I have so much fun
I think you just might be the one

You helped me view life through new eyes
Your genuineness needs no disguise
I am grateful for all that you do
And what I want to say is simply, thank you

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