Let’s Get Creative #2: Free Writing

Hey friends!

My good friend Chocobosage wrote a post yesterday about Free Writing, which is a ‘pre-writing technique in which a person writes continuously for a set period of time without regard to spelling, grammar, or topic.’

He first explained in much more detail what free writing was and its benefits. Check it out here. He then proceeded to carry out the task and see where it got him, which led to an inspirational little piece of writing. So inspiring that I thought I would give it a try myself.

Maybe we could make this into a challenge. So if you feel you are having writer’s block or are just up to the task, join in and see what you come up with. I would encourage you to check out Chocobo’s post to get a full understanding of the concept. It looks fun, so here goes, for the next 10 minutes, I shall my hand at Free Writing:

One minute in, no words to speak of. A constant struggle which seems to counter the the fact that there are one hundred thought running through her head per second on a constant basis.

Too much trying to figure everything out at once and failing due to over capacity. So what does she do? She writes, she writes to try and get some kind of cosmic order of her thoughts. Confusion is a familiar friend and although it is not feared, it isn’t something that she is fond of. So she continues to write to allow her thoughts to escape her mind. What she doesn’t realise is that the build up is stronger than she could ever imagine. How much does she have to write to empty her mind?

Four minutes and still no words are there to form a solid sentence, a solid thought. All she thinks about is the timer and the fact that she will end up with nothing. Music plays softly in the background. It is a way she attempts to drown out a portion of the racing intrusions in her head. Sometimes the music is accompanied by lyrics, sometimes it is just a sweet melody that keeps her company whilst her head is in the clouds.

She imagines the good old days, when her mind was not so shot. She would enjoy the sunshine, appreciate the surroundings. See the beauty. She sighs to herself, because she would give anything to be back there. Back before she knew too much, back before the world betrayed her and took away her innocence too soon. She wonders if she will ever get better, she wonders if she could relive the innocence that was cut short.

All she can do now is what she does everyday, fight, fight for her own sanity and reason. She knows that at this point in life, most people have had their demons appear and they are in constant battle too. She makes it her mission to try and help those people, or at least let them know they are not alone.

So there we go. I got there with 6 spelling errors. I think this method definitely has potential, saying that, I think it depends where your mind is at the time as to how it will turn out. For some reason, to me, freedom is always enjoying the sunshine in an open field. I think this is because nothing bad has ever happened when I was in one of those places. A secondary location I often find myself envisioning is the beach, the calmness, of the sea kissing the sand and the warm sun which is countered by the breeze. Wonderful.

I think this would work well as an attempt to write a poem too.

Okay, that is enough of my ramblings, I wish you a wonderful Wednesday!

Until next time, take part!


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  1. It is actually a great idea! I’ll check his post too, but I think I got the main idea with yours. What you came up with this method turned out to be really good (at least in my opinion).
    I’m definitely using this method soon and see what happens! Thanks for this post!!

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  2. I do it all the time. Exactly for that reason. Spelling and grammar is okay. But it is about something different. It’s about soul. So leave grammar and go with the flow. For me, I try to make as much mistakes as I can in spelling or otherwise. Just because it’s fun and it is not working. Trick the mind and follow the flow. Interesting. Love,

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  3. This is cool! This reminds me, in visual art, this would be like sketching moving figures, instead of drawing ones standing/sitting still- it’s something I do in my figure drawing class to get warmed up. I guess another would be free style drawing.

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    1. I find there are certain times or moods when I feel mostly creative, especially when writing poetry. You seem to have a good routine going. I would love to have something written in the morning, it would be a starting accomplishment for the day.

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  4. I think that it’s a great way to start something but maybe even better if you do have the basic framework in your head …. like 4 or 5 minutes of mental preparation and then …. ready, set, go.
    But sharing the raw product with others? I don’t know if I have the courage for that. It would be a bit like having the world watch you getting dressed.

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    1. I used to blog anonymously for a while, because I wanted to put my writing out there, but I was too nervous about the response I would get. Now after being open for the last year and being in control with how much I share, I don’t fear sharing anymore. Of course it is personal preference and you can only do what you feel comfortable with. 🙂


      1. I started likewise about 4 months ago for similar reasons. The space was originally built as an archive of failures. Whilst that hasn’t changed I now find most of my time spent here is in exchanging quick thoughts with people I don’t know – and that experience I find quite liberating.

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  5. This is cool. 😊🖒
    I attempt something like this when I feel hateful. And I end up not posting it because I dont want anything hateful in my blog. 😂

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  6. The funniest part when free writing, I think, is looking over what you wrote. So many times it happened to me to make several typos and then try to figure out what I meant to say in that sentence. Sometimes it makes me think of new ways of seeing the situation (as I’m failing to remember the original idea), but what is guaranteed is the fun I experience whenever it happens. Long live the typos :)))

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  7. I can really relate to the sentiments you express in this poem. The line ‘when her mind was not so shot’ is especially evocative for me as it really sums up how I feel about my own mental health at the moment. Thank you for reminding me what a great tool free writing is, I’ll definitely take a look at your friend’s post as well. Looking forward to getting back into writing again!

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