You Won’t Find Anything Down There

Tip toe
Tip toe


Tip toe tip toe up the windy stairs
Quiet, do not make a sound

Time to sneak
Don’t let those floorboards creak
Sneakily sneaking to take a peek
Hoping to find the answers you seek

Shuffling slowly towards the door
Kneeling slowly to the floor
Ear to wall to hear the sound
The words of the told secret found

Hiding by dull candle light
Must stay hidden, out of sight
Make no noise not even slight
Must not stir or cause a fright

Curiously curious you must be
To sneak up the stairs to listen to me
But I’m as open as a book
All that was required is you take a look

Not to creep in through the night
But in the light
In plain sight

All you had to do was say
And out my secrets I would lay

So please now get up off the floor
This sneaking you shall do no more
Trust it is a two way street
And once you learn, again we’ll meet

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      1. You should (though it’s not all that relevant but there’s a particular scene involving a precarious stairway that this brought to my mind, I have no idea why though).

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