The Day of Love

Hello my loves and dear friends,

Today is the day we show the special ones in our lives just how much we love and cherish them. We usually do this in the form of gifts and special meals.

I, being the former cynic that I used to be, was not fond of this day. Not because I was alone, in fact sometimes I was not and I still could not stand when this day came around. It was because I was a rebel without a cause basically. Being against something just to be against it. One could argue consumerism and of course you could, but why not instead just enjoy a day that celebrates love?

I personally LOVE love and in the past I have chased that fairy tale ending. I wanted those big romantic gestures that you see in the movies and those expectations probably blinkered me from appreciating true little moments.

Times have changed and so have I. Whilst still loving love, I now recognise the love that is around me, whether that be from my significant other, family or my friends. I even feel the love from you guys and it is wonderful.

I think there is a line in a song that states that love is all around (My mind is blank to that song right now) and it certainly is. You do not need to be with someone to be loved. Of course that is what a lot of us want and never give up finding the one for you, but in the meantime appreciate the love that is already around and aimed at you, it might be from your mother, grandmother, your great uncle Marty, your pets, even your hamster.

If you really feel like you are unloved, just know that I love the fact you are here right now, reading this and I well and truly appreciate you. You may be making somebody’s day and not even know it. That is how truly great you are.

So whether you celebrate with your partner, your friends, your dog Scooby, or you decide to go it alone, love what you are doing. Love that you are alive and love love, because it is a truly remarkable feeling in any form.

And remember that every day should be filled with love, not just today. So don’t forget to show the people you love that you care about them as often as you can.

Until next time, lots of love


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      1. I do and don’t, Me and my wife has been together 26 years and even now every day is like valentines. I appreciate the official day, but I don’t need it to want to show her how much she means to me.

        I try my best to do that every day anyways.

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  1. My sentiments exactly. So often, these days, people focus so heavily on what they don’t have instead of recognising what they do have. Love doesn’t have to be what we see in the books and movies, or even on social media.
    Also, appreciating people you love every day is so important: we shouldn’t ignore Valentine’s Day but we shouldn’t wait for it either. Thanks for the positivity 😀

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  2. Beautiful post! I also love love. “Being against something just to be against it.“ I feel like that was me long ago when I was with my ex… we never really did anything on Valentine’s Day because “I hated it.” Now I am single and I find myself actually a little excited about today. It’s true, we should celebrate all types of love, just not focus on romantic love from a partner. I think about my family and little nieces and nephews and their love brings me great joy & happiness. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog! Can’t wait to keep following along. Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day! 💕


      1. Bless you for asking! I’m doing much better, thanks. I got up early this morning and have got quite a lot done. I’m hyper-sensitive to stress, so when my to-do list piles up it can really impact how I feel. My sleep pattern was a bit messed up too. But yeah, today I’m back to normal (ish!) and reading a great book which is bringing me a lot of joy!

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