Love, was suggested by herviross for my poetry challenge. So here it is. Don’t ask…

I love the way you stare at me
With hatred in your eyes
I love the way you torture me
With insults through your sighs

I can see you want to hurt me
When your smile starts to crack
I love your half hearted apologies
As you try to take it back

I love the way you put me down
When you push me with your hands
The rush of blood runs through my head
When I try to stand

I love how you have trapped me,
Confused in my own mind
The conditions that you set for me
The harsh ones underlined

If looks could kill…

I know you would pull the trigger

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  1. I felt uncomfortable just reading it. It’s unfortunate that there are women and men so deeply trapped in abusive relationships – mistaking something else for love. Great reminder how love doesn’t hurt!


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