Work in Progress

Hello Friends!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

I am happy to write that I am still excited for my new book idea and it is at this point, pretty much fully structured!
I have already named a few characters and drafted the story-line from start to finish. This is exhilarating for me because I can practically see the characters come to life in my mind. Some of their backstories are already forming and it is shaping up to be something I think could be a decent book!

I haven’t begun writing chapters yet, because I want to get to know my characters and story more thoroughly before I dive into that. This is a new style of writing for me, but I feel like it is helping keep me stay creative.

This project is probably going to take a few months and is primarily something I am doing purely for fun and experience, but if it turns into something more than that then this might be my very first book release. That thought is completely overwhelming, but I feel that I am ready to share a bigger project with the world.

I am still in very early stages, with that being said, so far so good and I hope to continue along this path and come out the other end with something I am proud of.

To all of my writer friends out there who have works finished and/or published: Any advice for this writing journey would be appreciated. From what your writing style is to any habits you have instilled to keep you going. Anything and everything I want to hear about to keep the inspiration alive!

That is it as far as updates go for now. I will be working on character development over the next week, so I will see where I end up and if I have any more news to share.
I am ecstatic to take you on this journey with me, I hope you will enjoy it!

Until next time, stay amazing!


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  1. The very best of luck with your project. I am always reluctant to give advice but, as you mentioned being grateful for it, I would say take your time and don’t rush things. Its tempting to think to oneself “I must get that book out there ASAP”, however taking time will, in the end ensure a better, more rounded work. Kind regards, Kevin

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    1. I agree with you there. Now I am letting the story form naturally, it is actually coming together a lot nicer than when I attempt to force something for the sake of having text written down. This story feels a lot more real than any previous attempts. Thank you very much for your advice, Kevin.

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  2. My only bit of advice may or may not suit your style. I loosely plan my plots (start, middle and end) and then let the characters determine where they go in order to get to those points.

    I’m currently at the ‘just about to start’ phase of a new book as well. Was going to get cracking today. But I’ve such a headache 😦

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  3. Stay in tune with your characters, dive as deep as you can, take them a couple of nights with you to a bar. See them wrestle with their emotions. And commit yourself sincerely to what you are doing. Give it all, give us your story. Love,

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      1. Yes – it’s been my dream too- my mum is my illustrator-now the hard part is putting all the illustrations with the words and formatting it properly- then off to the self publishing company- I’m excited and anxious all at once.

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  4. keep intoxicated
    literally and figuratively
    and write, write, write, — all the time
    open the tap
    yes, apply logic and reasoning and structure… but immerse yourself and write
    nothing is more intoxicating than looking back at written pages
    it’s pure virgin creation
    building another universe
    go write…

    I have written and published three: fictional memoir, animal fantasy adventure, self-help

    go write now…

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  5. I am currently in the process of writing a book too. I have a few finished books under my belt. I don’t plan my books out though so I can’t help with that. However, I recommend when you start writing to make a plan to write something nearly everyday even if it is a paragraph. It can get really easy to lose the story if you don’t consistently peck away at it.

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    1. That’s vital advice I think. I get ideas all the time about characters and their development, so I am constantly working on the background, even if it doesn’t make it into the book, I think it will make the characters more real.

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  6. Sounds amazing! Please share first chapter or book overview once is finished and I am happy to give feedback. Fingers crossed for you i am sure you will smash it! x
    As a advice please never stop believing in yourself and write. even if it does not look good – write, and write more and more until you will be satisfied! Write write write, lack of inspiration – go for a walk, listen your fav music, see friends or family, get ice creams what ever makes you happy then come back, sit and continue to write.

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  7. I’m so excited for you! The one thing that I can say that you’ve done that I haven’t is a true outline. I always had the ideas for stories/novels in my head, but I don’t think I’ve ever done a true outline for any of them. I remember doing outlines for papers and such in school, and I probably should apply that process to my own writing. Best of luck – I’m rooting for you here in Virginia!

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  8. It’s the best feeling.. to know a complete world is created out of your imagination. It might be the one of the toughest times to sit down and stare down a paper or screen in the process of writing a book, but I am sure you wouldn’t want to trade it with anything else, ever. All the very best! 🙂


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