They fell in love, or so they thought
But she was not the loving sort 
She gathered men, if though for sport
But when love came, she cut it short

She reeled them in and she would flirt
Words of love they’d try to blurt
Then she would cast them to the dirt
A mechanism to prevent the hurt 

They would watch her dance
Capture her glance
Caught in a trance
Hoping for a chance

She smiles sweetly as they partake in her game
Lives never going to be the same
Thinking they will be the one to tame
Left broken-hearted, nobody to blame

They desire the one thing they cannot gain
And although they try in vain
To their advances she must abstain
Another love successfully slain

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      1. I can’t say I know your comparison.

        It’s funny how you can write someone one way and they are perceived entirely another. That’s the beauty of poetry though, you get to see it in your own, unique way.

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      2. She is an emotional predator who likes to tease and lead on leaving emotionally damaged men in her wake; many of whom will go on to leave emotionally damaged women in their wake.

        It’s like ripples moving outward from a stone dropped into a pond.

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      3. 1) i always call a spade a spade.

        2) I always keep my mind open.

        3) once I reach a conclusion I need a good reason to change or update my opinion.

        4) you haven’t as of yet provided me with a reason.

        5) I’m waiting for you to provide me with a reason to change or update my opinon.

        6) there are so many more women like the one you describe today then ever before; that is causing marriage eligible men to drop out of the dating pool/marketplace, prompting women to ask: Where have all the good men gone?

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      4. I’m not going to provide you with any reason to think otherwise. Your opinion is yours to have, I just disagree that you should be so matter-of-fact about it, especially concerning a piece that is open to interpretation.
        It could mean that to you, but it doesn’t mean your word is law. Hell, I wrote it and not even I am tying it down with specific definition.

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  1. Naked beauty, bedtime fun
    Another notch etched in my gun
    Vague regrets with morning sun
    Baby, I have got to run

    Of those regrets I have a few
    It’s never what I meant to do
    Remember that it’s me not you
    I think that you already knew

    The very nature of our fling
    I would dance and I would sing
    I would promise anything
    Love, though, I would never bring

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  2. Reminds me of real-life cruelty but the comparison I think it brought to mind most is the Dickens’ Estella. It’s that complete denial of desires. Though perhaps the character here is worse as we fail to see any attempt at redemption or apology.

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  3. I have this idea for a poetry challenge. I don’t have time
    to develop it. Maybe you will wanna, maybe not.
    Up to you. It might be fun. Here:

    Complete the poem in 5 words or less (nothing ugly please):

    Bone moonlight _______ their bodies.
    (This is pathetic, I’m sure you can do better.)

    Or at the end or wherever. Since the average Normie
    attention span is 20 seconds, it should not take very
    long to compose a reply so it won’t take up much
    of the reader’s time and who knows it might be fun!
    Your decision totally! Warmest, Mary

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  4. Beautiful poem dear, Poetry can be taken many different way’s by people they don’t really know the state of mind the writer was in at the time when they wrote it, so most of the time i just let people think what they want too about my poetry.


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