I don’t see him anymore

It used to be constant that I’d see his face.


Went with Winter’s end.

When I saw him he was not quite himself,
He had left his vessel quite some time ago.

When I closed my eyes I saw his pale complexion,
Pale where his tanned skin used to be.

Nightmares, haunting me for weeks,
I feared closing my eyes,
I was afraid I would always remember him this way.


Time passed and the strength I portrayed to others began to work for myself,
No longer am I haunted by his face.

But I remember his smile,
His humour,
His warmth.

He believed in me,
His confidence he carried in secret,
But he made me believe in myself when the secret was told.

A decade passed,
I still miss him…

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  1. Beautiful poem Sara, it dosen’t madder if it’s been a year or tow or 30 years you will alway’s remember those you loved and lost it just dosen’t sting as bad with time.
    Take care Sara.


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  2. beautifully written with the touch allowing myself to accurately discern your pain. No one ever leaves your heart nor mind. You have a truly splendid gift. I hope it helps alleviate or serve as some sort of self-therapy. It serves this purpose for me. TC.

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