Question of the Day #3

Hello Friends,

I have been loving the thoughts that have been pouring in with this blog series, so I think I will try my very best to make it a daily thing, so even if I do not manage to share a creative post with you, I am able to share something at least.

I love these question posts, because I am learning more and more about you personally and you get to learn more about each other. The overall interaction is wonderful and I want to thank all of you who have participated so far.

Today’s question is inspired by my viewing of Back To The Future III, which I watched last night. Time travel is such a cool concept and if it were to be a real thing, that would certainly be my hobby!

So, today’s question is:

If you could choose one point in time to visit for 6 hours where would you go and why?

This can be anywhere at any point in time. Whether it be something personal to you, a historical point in time, or even a sneaky glance into the future. The options are endless!

I look forward to seeing your answers on this one.

Until next time, ❤ ❤ ❤


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    1. Hello,

      You know a person today asked me the same exact questions and I replied with a logical answer and that person was like… 😓 <— this basically.

      But now that I think about it more. I would really love to see the Victorian era and see how people saw the world at that time. There is so much more that history didn't explain or has skipped on.

      Truthfully there are times when someone dreams about how the past was or worry about the future. But there are also momenta when we have to take a stop and enjoy the moment we are in right now. Surrounded by people you know, the Shinning sun and just smiling to make another person happy.

      It was nice to talk to you again 😊


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      1. I believe everybody should be open towards other people’s opinions, especially if they’re personal like this one. The verify of answers just goes to show that everyone is different and I think that is great.

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      2. Yes I do agree with on people being more open to another person’s Oppion. Yes of course, everyone has a different way of thinking and see that world. Which what makes us special and unique.

        Thank you for replying 😊

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  1. Hmmm 1950 New York City. I would love to have lived then. Simpler… I would love to catch a film and drive around in a big Ole’ car. A huge fantasy of mine. Perfect question. Can’t wait to see the other answers.

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  2. I would go back to either the first time I met my boyfriend, it was such a wonderful day and 4 months later it’s still very much wonderful. Or I would go back to when my baby brother was born, which was also 4 months ago! Maybe I’ll just go back 4 months for a little while haha. X

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  3. That’s easy for me. I would choose to go to the tomb in which Jesus was buried at the moment before he was removed from the tomb, so I could see what really happened and observe the range of reactions to his body’s disappearance. Why? Because I want to see what REALLY happened and how various people REALLY thought about it, so I could learn whether or not all the pain, suffering, joy, and elation that has resulted from the stories told about that event have been worth it.

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  4. You have quite expertly grabbed my attention with this, and at the same time pushed me to a space in which I am relatively powerless – choosing from such a vivid array of options. I am so torn between a clever and practical answer… And also having a hard time knowing the difference.

    So I am going to compromise. I will give several answers, but with good reason. Both answers assume I am only observing based on the additional assumption of infinite universes and timelines, rendering all attempts to change the future irrelevant.

    1. If I am confined to this timeline, I would be very cliche and go backwards and observe the birth of the current universe.
    2. If I am able to move between timelines, I would move forward to the temporal landscape surrounding the deciding moment regarding the mutually agreed upon long term co-existence (or lack thereof) of organic vs technological consciousness following the singularity and the inevitable subsequent intellectual arms-race. This could potentially be in this timeline or in another, hence the need for that flexibility.

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  5. If possible I would like to split my 6 hours into 2 two hour increments. 1) I would go back to the Saturday before my Amma passed away. 2) I would go spend time in the hospital with my grandfather before he passed away. 3) I would go sit with my grandma when she passed. These are 3 significant people who influenced my life and I would love a chance to see them one last time.

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  6. Hmm… that’s a difficult one. Personally I think I would go back to Ancient Greece because I loved studying the culture in school and it would be really cool to be able to actually see see what I was learning about.

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  7. The last time I saw my brother. I would ask him what was happening in his life and try to help him with whatever or whomever happened the next day. He was missing 5 days before his body was found. In the 23 years since my mother and myself are the only ones who knew him and loved him.
    So many things he was talking about back then have all proven true.

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      1. Going to a gaming convention over Easter with a couple of friends from IT. 3rd time I have been back to this event since the 90’s.
        Also started looking at the old Shadowrun fiction.
        In regards to Scandinavia… am looking more at what I can find on the light elves.

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      1. I want to see how it was in Hiroshima maybe a couple of hours before they detonated the bomb, was it quiet, was it alarming? Then the actual bombing, how it hit, how it exploded, how the chemicals swiftly wiped away every little thing. I don’t mean it bad, but I’m very curious about this time in history since I was a child…

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  8. For six hours, I would want split it into two hours in August 2008, before my grandfather died; two hours in August 2011, before my Grandma Betty died; and two hours in July 2013, before my Grandma Grace died. I was so fortunate to have all of my grandparents in my life until I was 20 years old. I think about them often.

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  9. If I could I’d go back to the last time my Dad and I had a sit down conversation before he passed. We were at the Kitchen table and afterward I got up and hugged him. He squeezed me so tight that I really could feel how much he loved me.

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