Let’s Get Creative! #3: DIY

Hello Friends,

I thought I would share my third Let’s Get Creative project with you.

I like to try and be creative in different ways, not just writing. My ability or lack there of limits me, but it does not stop me from trying.

This last project I worked on was a simple one. I (What I think the trendy DIYers say) up-cycled a shelf. I added a lick of paint, some lights and hung some crystals from the bottom. It was a pretty straight forward and easy to do project. It took a bit of time to finish, but that was only because I was waiting for elements of it to arrive in the post. The most difficult part was getting the shelf hung on the wall when it was finished, but even that was quite easily done. Just measuring to make sure it was straight was the most complex part of it all.

I took some pictures from start to finish. So here it is!

This is the shelf as I bought it, along with the paint I used and the lights that I got to wrap around the frame.


Another shot of all the items I used for the project.

Here’s a terribly shot time-lapse of me unscrewing the bottom shelf. (Here is where I learnt that lighting is everything!)

And here is the bare frame and shelves ready to paint. (Exciting stuff!)


Action shot!

First coat (and only because I am no expert) done.

These are the crystals I purchased to from the bottom of the frame.

And here is the finished project, hung on the wall. I swear it is straight and the photo is wonky! I basically wrapped the lights starting from the back part of the frame, then around to the front. I used a glue gun to attach the battery pack to the underside of one of the shelves. This is easily removable in case I need to replace the batteries.

And here is a shot in the dark. For such little lights, they are very bright.

This project left me feeling happy and accomplished. I know it was something small, but it was fun and I am very pleased with the results.

If you have made it this far in the post, thank you so much. I really appreciate it!

If you have any suggestions for any other projects I could try, please let me know, I do love a bit of DIY. I do have a blogging assignment that I will be sharing with you soon, I am very excited for that!

Until next time, Thanks for being you.


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      1. Thank you and you are welcome. My DIY consisted of me moving a bookcase and turning it into a dresser and stand. Without drawers or anything. I just moved it. That is the extent of my DIY inspiration. 😁😂😁😂😁

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      1. I have 2 Jack Skellington ones and Remy from ‘Ratatouille’ plus a growing collection of custom vinyl figures (a few I’ve done myself too). I agree it is too easy to get carried away though and I’m trying to limit my collection x


      2. I used to have the Jack Skellington ones. I am a bit gutted with a few I had to leave behind when I left the States, but I have to remember they are just materialistic. What have you made yourself? I would love to see them!

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      3. I haven’t actually made them but I have done my own designs on them. I even managed to sell one.
        I have a Facebook page with all my artwork and ‘doodles’ on there and it’s called Small Island Scribbler if you’re able to find it x

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      4. I’ve thought about an Etsy store but haven’t looked in to the cost of it properly yet. It’s something I am considering though, maybe just for a bit of fun.
        I have a personal YouTube account but I’m not sure what to post on there really. I haven’t done that many videos of my stuff yet.

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      5. Tying all of these things together would probably help you a lot, or making time lapse videos for Instagram and then linking your future shop page. Your work is very impressive and I’m sure the more people who see it, the more will think the same. Good luck!

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  1. I love doing creative projects outside of writing! Writing is always my number one priority, but it really helps me to do other creative projects as a little break sometimes. Thanks for sharing yours!


  2. Hello! I have a new (and very small) soap business and blog! Its all made by me and I’d love the input of other DIYers! Do you think adding in step by step blogs showing how I make my soaps is a good idea? Would you like to see more product selection such as shower jellies and sugar scrubs?? Let me know what you all think!!
    Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Step by steps are always good and the more photos helps ensure that people are doing things correctly. I’m not really a DIYer, I just do the odd projects. From someone who follows DIYs though, I think all of the above. I’d love to know how for sure. 🙂


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