Hey Kitty

Hey kitty, what are you doing there?
I see you concentrating on your stare

Sprawled out, manner nonchalant
A kitty that goes wherever he wants

Soaking up the sun
Having kitty fun

You’re so cute
Laying there mute

Minding your own business
Displaying your wiseness

Looking out at the world
Stretching then curled

With wonder in your eyes
I look at you in surprise

Carefree Kitty
You’re so witty

The funny thing is that
I don’t own a cat

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  1. Hey you there
    Don’t look like that
    This is my house
    You’re only the cat

    Go find a mouse
    Start doing your job
    Stop lying around
    You fat furry slob

    You’re always sleeping
    Your mind is a fog
    Pick up your game
    Or I’ll get me a dog

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