Stay Inside the Lines

Told to ask no questions
Accept it for what it is
But how can I accept It when it is unknown to me?

I want to learn how the world works and not just take advantage
But I am always told to stay inside the lines

Out there, on the other side
Lies answers to conundrums

If I cross, I’ll discover the unknown
Fear, it keeps us here between the lines

Let go…

Cross over…

Seek answers…

Educate yourself…

Inspire others…

Focus on solution
Instead of fixating on the problem

Believe we can be better…

Actively do good…

Be kind to others…


Think your own thoughts
Gather your own conclusions

Burst that bubble!

It can be safe out there if we all stick together

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  1. That “buy me a coffee” button is cute. Maybe it’s just my phone, but it just shows me a jpeg. I was expecting more, like a table, some coffee, the beautiful streets of California. Loved the post πŸ™‚

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      1. I’m sorry to go off topic, but I did comment on this the first time you posted. I’ve been recently wondering how to re-post old content without creating a whole new post, and I see you do it regularly, so I thought I’d ask you for help. I want the post to still feature the original date, but to post to the Reader like any new post would. Thank you in advance.


  2. A brilliant poem to experience. I love the imagery of conformity and defiance and how you manage to use it to such effect. The abundance of ellipses isn’t something I’ve seen within poetry before but it worked better than I would’ve imagined bringing an aspect of uniformity to the parts that were trying to break free perhaps symbolising an inescapable nature of existence.

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  3. Accepting things for what they are is actually the 5th tier of Mallow’s Hierarchy of needs so perhaps that isn’t a bad thing, considering that the goal is for everyone to ideally reach this level of self-actualization? Most people never reach 5th tier in their lifetime. Part of learning about the unknown is lifelong learning, which I noticed was mentioned further down. We will never fully understand the world in its greatest capacity. It’s not humanly possible, so even though we want to accept the facts and for what they are, we must be aware of morality, creativity, and ultimately self-actualization to enlighten our greatness within. I just realized I wrote something deep here and one would think I am a philosopher or a student studying psychology, but nope. Just the daily grind of a nursing student and the complicated workings of a wandering mind.

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