Tea Party – Share your blog!

Hello Friends!

I want to thank you all again for being such amazing, wonderful, supportive human beings. You all really helped me through a tough week.

It got me thinking that you all know me and I have got to know a lot of you, but you do not know each other. In my opinion, you should definitely know each other, because you are all awesome!

I thought I would start a thread where you can leave a link to your blog and tell us all a bit about yourself and what your blog is about. I thought it would be a cool way for you guys to connect with each other, as there are so many excellent blogs out there that need more love.

So, please feel free to share a little about yourself in the comments.

Until next time, happy connecting!


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  1. Hi my name is Shaun. My blog is https://catchmeonthewater.com/. I have had a life long passion for the great outdoors. I began competing in bass tournaments while I was in elementary school. Once I was old enough to drive, my truck was either at the boat ramp or in the woods. These years of being outdoors has enabled me to become very knowledgeable. I enjoy teaching and talking to people who share a excitement for the outdoors. I hope my blog helps you become a better angler, fisherman, or steward of our wonderful outdoors.

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  2. Hi Sara , Thanks for inviting for your lovely tea party .its an amazing way to connect and share various ideas with eachother and getting to know even better .
    I am Saad , I blog about weightloss and fitness , car reviews and blogs and digital marketing withhow to make passive income at home and many more etc .here my weight loss blog (http://usefulhealthguide.wordpress.com) hope Everyone will like it .need your feedback do comment .thanks .
    Happy blogging

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