Where Did Everybody Go?

I wished them all away
In that moment I roared like an aggravated lion

I thought they pushed me
But they were being their usual selves

I was carelessly angry
Now they are gone

I am sure it is what I wanted
But why do I feel regret?

I wanted to be alone
But I feel unbearably lonely

I need somebody to talk to
But nobody is here

Because I wished them all away
Be careful what you wish for

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      1. Haa … Ha … Just kidding … Depressed people always want to be alone … They want to be left alone … Anyone’s presence will irritate them … I used to cry a lot in solitude … Books/Literature gave me courage to live …

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      2. I am sorry you find yourself feel that way. So do I, That is why I write such poems. πŸ™‚ I am happy that you found something that helps you and I’m glad you’re living and here sharing a little about yourself.


      1. Believe it or not it works. I am not sure how, is it over water, or over air, but works.It seems that we are a part of one universal control panel . The Russians went far in that field, and they they managed to convey thoughts from one end of the world to another with metal caps of an elliptical shape.

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    1. I never know how the layout is going to be when I write these. I just play around with them until I think they look right. By stroke of coincidence though, each pairing seemed to mirror one another, so that’s a bonus.

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      1. Well, an expert is one who knows their trade, their skill, at an authoritative level. I have read your writing, and I know you know that skill very well. Your writing also reveals a life that may have granted you (unwanted) significant experience in loss and isolation, and likewise recovery therefrom. You have simply taken both and combined them, and I believe your experience in both add up to an expert level of authority in regards to this poem. πŸ™‚

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  1. Powerful ending.
    The thing is that we have expectations that people don’t often meet, so we think we don’t need/ want them. But then, when they are gone, we wish we had them. Even in their imperfect ways. On a scale 1-5 two is better than zero.

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      1. Yes, that is true. I doubt it’ll happen. It’s been over year and I’ve tried contacting them and nothing. It hurts and I try to give up, but sometimes I can’t. Hopefully over more time I will accept it.

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