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I am what you would call an over-thinker. My mind is constantly running at high speed and when I am not fixated on the troubling what ifs that cause me an insane amount of unnecessary stress, I tend to have some pretty random concepts come to mind. Today I thought I would share some of these with you. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, because I have not prepared anything. In a sense this will be a free writing session, so here goes…

It amazes me that thousands of people have written thousands of books, songs, TV show and movies and yet still someone can come along and retell something in a completely different perspective that we haven’t experienced before. Take adaptions for instance, the telling of one story, from so many points of view. Alice in Wonderland is a great example of this. I have seen pretty much every adaption in movie form and although they are all the same story, they are all very different. Different focuses, different styles, always a different way of telling the same beloved story. I love this because I get to experience the tale all over again. Love songs is another fine example, there are literally thousands of way to tell someone that you love them, expression is a wonderful thing and I adore experiencing it in its many forms.

Speaking of having thousands of ways to say something, that brings me onto my next point: communication. We as English speakers are blessed with a vast vocabulary and I believe this should be explored. I do not mean that you should go out a purchase a dictionary and learn ridiculously lengthy words such as pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (Which is really a word, apparently). I just mean that there is a verity of ways to say the same thing and that we should perhaps think a little harder before we communicate with another, so the message we get across is clear and respectful to the receiving party. Too often do I see people trying to get a point across, but they construct in a hurtful way. I don’t see the need in this, I feel it is counterproductive. Even if you are upset with someone, there are ways to express this without causes extended hurt feelings. I consider this a way to improve communication all round. Kindness is always welcome, in my world anyway.

I wish I could draw. I have so many wonderful visions in my mind that I would love to share, but my drawing abilities are slim to none. I watch a lot of art videos and drawing tutorials. I even know for a fact that although some natural talent is a bonus, anyone can learn to draw. It just takes practice. I think that I could do it, so why don’t I? The simple answer is because I am lazy. I was brought up in a sedentary environment and my passions were never encouraged. This doesn’t mean I blame my parents for my lack of talents, only that I am late to the game and I will have to work harder if I want to progress. I am slowly improving in terms of self discipline, so it is not out of the realm of possibility that in the future I might take it up.

One thing I ponder often is the invention of things. We have come so far in the form of technology and it seems to be in a short amount of time, in comparison to the beginning of time at least. Just imagine if the advancements were earlier. Say they had smartphones in the 1930’s, what would we have now? I am not going to pretend I am knowledgeable in technological advancements, so there could be a reason as to why the inventions were not discovered back then, but it would be cool to see how much further it would have been in this day and age. Another thing I think about is what hasn’t been invented yet? Look at how much we have now that did not exist in the past, our ancestors probably thought they had everything and then suddenly here we are in the digital age with a substantial amount more than then. I cannot begin to fathom what we will experience in the future.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think social media does more harm than good. Now you may think me a hypocrite to say this as I am conveying my message using such a platform, but this is how it is now, so why not? I am a little conflicted on my feelings to the internet as a whole. I absolutely adore the fact that I can connect with anybody in the world from the comfort of my office chair, but I also feel like there is too much negativity that comes with it. Unfortunately there is a mass of people who lack respect for others and it destroys the wonder of such an open world. Too many people can hide behind a keyboard and cause damage and they enjoy it. I try and steer clear of such things, but it does not mean it is not happening. Then there is the fact that public figures use social media and they do not seem to use this wisely. Sometimes it is embarrassing to witness what certain individuals mindlessly state and once it is said, it is out there forever.

Leading me to my next point, there is no such thing as innocent until proven guilty anymore. Once your name is dragged through the mud, whether it is true or not, your career is over. This especially concerns those in the public eye and over the last few years in particular I have seen people’s careers dissipate, despite their years of hard work in their industry. I by no means condone the actions of any wrong doings, but with the digital lynch mobs on hand 24/7 we are all guilty, even if we did not do it. I have seen people dropped from a company faster than a penny to the floor, presumably because they don’t want to be associated with the negative knock back that comes with the accusations. Guilty until proven innocent does not even exist. Once you say or do one thing that is unfavourable that is it, it is over.
I suppose there is good and bad in everything and with the internet being what it is, the scale is amplified.

I think that is all I have to say for today. I could go on and on, but this would be a very long post!

If you have made it this far, thank you for reading.

Until next time, Happy Weekend!


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  1. I agree with your sentiments on social media and digital mobs ruining people lives. I think social media is making it easier for people to segregate and attack. This is interesting because on the surface the purpose of social media is to reach audiences all over the world and join people together with similarities.

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  2. Fascinating! I agree about social media, and about a ruined reputation. I think the reason we have so many books is that we are all so wonderfully creative! Ain’t that cool? Each of us has a different story to tell, or many to tell. Seems like we were made that way.

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  3. I’d have to agree.
    The lynching online is really something that makes me want to scream.
    And in regards to communication, you are absolutely right. I make it my mission to improve my words by making them more objective instead of insulting when I am mad.

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  4. I often marvel at the vast number of books and songs that have been written. Because I believe in God, and that everything that exists is an expression of God’s will, there is a sense in which God has written millions of books and songs. That blows my mind!

    I agree that the nastiness on social media can be really difficult to deal with. To be online you need a thick skin and a soft heart, as someone wise once said!

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  5. You are right after my own heart with all of these Sara…

    I can always so amazed the versatility of language, and the possibilities presented thereby. Additionally, as you point out, the sheer level of pain caused by misunderstanding as a result of miscommunication is astounding.

    I also have no drawing skills whatsoever, simply because I don’t try and never have tried. I am working on this. Posts by several of the people I follow have inspired me to add a task to my to-do list: buy art supplies and use them. I recently purchased some nice pens and paper for sketches and writing letters, and plan to get some linoleum blocks soon. 🙂

    I am absolutely fascinated by technology and the rapid pace of growth it is experiencing. I am an “early adopter” of most tech, and have beta tested as long as I can remember.

    I am very warm of social media, but at the same time, with all the previously mentioned beta testing, my personal info is out there… I am aware of this and accept it. I do limit my usage and am intentional though.

    And yes, the current “justice” system is… So flawed… Both the formal systems and the social system. It’s frustrating and concerning…

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sara! It was a pleasure to read.

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  6. Nice post Sara, as for your statement about technology you can blame that on the Cristina church ” the dark ages ” were they suppressed any scientific technology for hundreds of years!!!


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  7. I’ve found myself having similar thoughts to yours. Free writing, sometimes, is the best way to “brain dump.” I need to do that more often, especially when I have trouble sleeping. Last night, I kept tossing and turning, having bizarre and wild thoughts, such as my dad auditioning for American Idol. Really?! Why does my brain do that? Sheesh.

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