March in Pictures

March has been a long month. The prolonged winter did not do it any favours. I wouldn’t say it was a bad month, but I am glad to welcome April with it’s warmer and brighter days.

This month has been pretty busy. I did not get as much blogging done as I would have liked and I tried a couple of things out, like question of the day, but I felt like such content was diluting my posts. Too much of the same in a row, it made me feel like I was being lazy and I think you all deserve more effort than that. I am attempting to write a post a day at least in the month of April. Hopefully life doesn’t get in the way.

I enjoy taking pictures (especially of food) and I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse of my month through the pictures I took. I hope you enjoy and I’ll see you again tomorrow with a poem I have been working on.

Until next time, enjoy your long weekend.


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  1. Hey! Your photos are really great and you’ve inspired me to take a photo every day this month and then present all 30 at the end. Hope April’s a good month for you 😊

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  2. Hey, this is the first post that I’ve read of yours (as I’m a newbie to blogging) and I’ll definitely read more of your stuff! Good luck with the post a day, I’m sure you’ll do great! πŸ’“

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