Dream Escape

I have never really thought about it before, but last night I had a dream and there was this beach. I knew exactly how to get to the beach and I have seen said beach many times before in other dreams. I have never visited this place before in real life, I do not know if it only exists in my dreams, but it seems I go here during my slumber to escape.

It does not matter where I am or what I am doing in the dream, but I always know how to get to my beach. A strange thing that I find is that it is never very far away and the route itself is always the same leading up to me reaching the coast.

I am not sure how common this is, as I have never discussed it with anybody. As I said previously, this is the first time I have actually noticed outside of dream world that I go there so frequently.

There is one other location that often occurs in my dreams and that is a house that has a lot of bedrooms. I find myself in this house, which is always a little different, but always has many many rooms. Some of them secret, some of them only I know how to access.

Now I am talking about it, the thought is very cool to me. I have my own private beach that only myself and those I choose to share it with can go to. The path leading up to it has tall grass and a beech wood picket fence. Sometimes there are strangers there, but we never interact. In fact they don’t make a sound, they are just there.

I would like to get into this further, but as the dream was over 12 hours ago and I can not remember much more than the core details. I might try and make note of a few different times these locations pop up in future dreams, so I can share more with you. If you are interested of course.

I am not well versed when it comes to dream interpretations, but if this kind of thing has happened to you, or you could explain why this happens, I am entirely intrigued to learn more. Anything you can share would be eternally appreciated.

Sorry today’s blog came in a bit late. In all honesty, I have been playing video games. I was immersed in virtual reality and it was an amazing experience.

Until next time, sweet dreams.


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  1. Oh my, Sara. I was meant to read this! For a few years now, I dream of having vacation homes, the mountains, my grandmother’s house, and most recently-a gorgeous island in which only myself and those dear to me can inhabit. There are a few other common themes, but the houses get nicer and nicer. Other themes, I work in the same situations, just different scenarios. I wish I could tell you what these dreams mean but I can tell you that I was having nightmares for years prior to this. I am grateful for the continued improvement of my life, I believe due to my faith. I almost wonder, am I dreaming of Heaven? Am I zeroing in on what I truly value and find necessary for my mansion in the heavenlies? Just some food for thought. xo

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    1. I am happy to hear your nightmares have been replaced with places you enjoy. We sleep for a large portion of time and it is definitely better spent in a good environment. I hope your improvements continue. Onward and upwards. 🙂


  2. Freud says that dreams are merely an extension of our memories, however I only believed him as to our sexuality and diviances.
    I am not a swimmer, so therefore rarely dream of watery existences. On those rare occasions when I do, I’m either drowning in a pool (which I did at 11 years of age), or I’m making spectacular dives. The beach is a common dream though, I have heard, and has many applications.
    1st, and I think it’s because of the waves, in and out, that we are being told to keep our finances in order, and not have them carried away through recklessness.
    2nd, and my perspective, is the infinite grains of sand and the endless vastness of the ocean, calling to us to explore. We only get 85 years or so, and there are so many people and to meet, and places to go.

    The house is even trickier. And here is where Freud would have a hayday. It is you. And the many rooms are the many personalities forming within you. Some private, and some open. However, the simplest explanation could be again, your desire to travel. Not just to places you like, but to places which are currently unknown to you.

    Lastly, it has been told to me that these rooms are the people you already know, and it is trying to keep you aware of them, to stay true to them. Friendships are made or broken through honesty.
    But I like the kinky Freudian view better. Hope you get a lot of responses on this one, because everybody has dreams.

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    1. I prefer the second interpretation regarding the beach dream. The meaning behind the house with many rooms could well have a ring of truth to it also. Interesting perspectives. Thank you for sharing them. 🙂

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  3. Weird fact the same chemical released in your brain when you sleep gets released in massive amounts when you die, thats why some people think the afterlife could be our own dream world. Anyways enjoyed the post 😛

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  4. I wrote earlier, but I can’t see it here…so I’ll do it again.
    Freud says all dreams are memories, so you know I’m not buying that.
    So the beach thing first…because of the tides, it could be telling you to be careful, not to lose your money recklessly.
    I like to think it has more to do with the infinite amount of sand, and the vastness of the ocean. We only get about 85 years and there are a lot of people to meet and a lot of places to see.
    The house is trickier, and here is where Freud would really have a hayday.
    The house is you. And the many rooms are the different personalities you are or have become. Some private, some open.
    Others say it is an indication that you will be moving…but you said this is an ongoing dream, so I’m not to sure about that.
    I think it has more to do with friendships, and the need to be truthful with them. Honesty makes and breaks relationships. Sure-up the ones you want to keep, and perhaps then, the unknown door or doors are friends you haven’t met and made yet.
    Freud would say your open rooms are where you are comfortable with your sexuality, and the closed are what you don’t want anyone to know about. He’s kinky is that sort of way.

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    1. Hi Phil. The comments are moderated so I can reply to them all. It got a not late last night and so I haven’t got around to processing them all yet! The longer ones I tend to leave until I have more time to thoroughly read them. I feel it is only fair to put as much into reading what you say as you have taking your time to write to me.

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  5. Glad you know I’m not the only one. I have a few places that I know for a fact that I’ve never been to, but have most definitely visited in dreams. For example, this moonscape ice land thing which I wrote about here – https://blog.cmdrshane.com/daily-prompt/sapphire-gravity-shift-part-i/ – definitely never been there. =)

    Having said that, because of techniques like the memory palaces combined with mediation, I’ve even created a few places willing that I’m able to visit every now and then. Now that, is when things get super relaxing and nothing could be better. 80 percent of the time, I’m able to tell that I’m in a dream, oh the fun I have then.

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    1. That sounds awesome. I have never had the ability to create places, but I am able to wake up from a dream and then go back to sleep and remain in the same dream. So I am somewhat aware that I am dreaming after a while.

      Thank you for the donation by the way. It means a lot! ❤ I will be sure to reply on the site when I have access to my laptop. 🙂

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      1. I’ve never had the ability to create places either. I made them up whilst I was awake as a meditation trick for working with a memory palace. Sometimes when I dream, if ever (because its rare), I end up in those places I created. No idea how to actually get there willingly. Now that would be awesome. It would be like being awake in another realm whilst sleeping in this one. Productivity win.

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      1. I am very interested in lucid dreaming. I don’t initially know I’m dreaming, but I can wake up and then fall asleep back to the same dream and then I am more aware I am dreaming. It seems to give me a sort of bravery I didn’t have before I woke up. I have yet to have full control though, except one time when I had a conversation with a past demon who I asked to leave me alone whilst I slept. They agreed and I have only seen them once since then.

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      2. I had a few as a teenager but I’ve never been able to achieve it again. I used to fly and explore things. The flying was like swimming in the air, like a frog. I’d have to pump my legs and flap my arms up and down in a very fluid motion to propel myself. Was weird.

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