Fade Away

They say time heals all wounds
What of those which have been open for years?
These wounds will not heal
They only inflict tears

I watch the clock tick
My mind astray
Hoping that my heart will heal
That this pain will fade away

After all these years of mental torment
I have to let you go
Just the thought I have to, hurts
But you’re bad for me, deep down I know

I want to erase you from my mind
After years the pictures fade
So will the hurt and all of the pain
Caused by the sick mind games you played

I came last
What came first was your pride
I’ll tell them you hurt me
These bruises I won’t hide

I will move on
You will get high
It’s time for me to go now
Forever. Goodbye.

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  1. Your words apply to so many things and people in my life. I have no clue what their body looks like, but I know exactly the sort of soul you dealt with. HUGS AS YOU WANT THEM! And you know what? You CAN heal those wounds.

    I’m so old and i finally figured it out. I spend a lot of time reminding me of what I am good at, how important and necessary I am, and my work is, and that i am not just good at some things but GREAT AT THEM; that I am not A NOTHING that only exists when those people want me for a thing. That I am not merely an extension of someone else. It’s taken me 26 years to get to the point where I can see progress. BUT OH YOU KEEP FIGHTING THE LIES THAT PERSON/PEOPLE TAUGHT YOU ABOUT YOU.

    You are a shining beacon on a hill, dear! Your example here leads others to the wholeness you seek together WITH YOU. I am SO GRATEFUL to have found your blog. It’s an honor to meet you.

    ~Toad (aka M.T.Noah)

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    1. Hey Toad, thank you for reaching out to me on here and the email you sent (I will reply to that, promise!) I am glad that you realise your worth and that you refuse to let other make you feel any less than great. Thank you for the hugs, they are always welcome. I appreciate that you came along, you seem like a genuinely lovely person and it is my pleasure to meet you.

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    1. Philip, turn the memories into useable skills for now and into the future. I think like the alchemists back in the ancient times – those memories and experiences are lead – toxic to the body, mind, and spirit.

      But our job is to TRANSMUTE that toxic substance into a much more sublime and beneficial substance – gold. Obviously not literally.

      But by carefully sitting with and accepting THIS SXXT happened. What good thing did I learn because of it? Sometimes it’s not so glamorous. Such as, “oh so THOSE are the behaviors that indicate an abuser’s mindset. Now I know and will immediately cut and run when I see those.”

      It’s hard to do. Because it requires us to really sit with and own the pain. But I believe in you! If I can manage it, sir, with my severe allergy to pain, I am SURE someone with your self-awareness will have no problem!

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