I Challenge You!

*So many of you have already written such amazing stories and poems. If you need inspiration or just want something good to read, it is definitely worth scrolling down to the comments and reading through some of these wonderful writer’s posts. They are all excellent!

There is a building adjacent to me and when I look out of my window towards it, there is this one window where the light is always switched on. Day or night that light is on. I have pondered for weeks about this, what could be the reason? Are the occupants on holiday? Do they just not frequent that room and so forgot to switch off the light? Did something gruesome happen to them?! I just do not know. I have been meaning to write a short story to create a reason as to why the light is always switched on, but it leads me to writers block.

I thought it would be cool to pass the idea over to you and challenge you to write a short story or even a poem with the prompt being “The Light”.

So if you are feeling up to it and you have a bit of free time to get creative, I would love to see what you come up with. In the meantime I will try to do so too. I am not getting out of it that easily. If you do take on the challenge and post something, please tag me in it so I can give it a read.

Take as long as you need and there are no rules. It can be as long as you want and be the genre of your choosing. It is your telling after all. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and I will try and post mine in the next few days.

Until next time, get creative!




  1. Our relationships have proved “quite complicated,” for sometime, now. A separation does not change feelings, of “unconditional love.”
    Modern technology certainly has helped keep our ties close, photos too, but the “heart” that darn “heart,” is a daily reminder of how much I, sincerely miss them, close by.

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  2. The Light
    She always left one light on all the time. She had a deep fear that while she slept it would come for her. It was always in her sub conscience. She could feel it’s feathery caresses as she tried to slumber. Almost every night it was there haunting her. Years ago it hurt her but now she can keep watch throughout the night. Finally she can welcome the nights peaceful dreams.

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  3. Well I ran a little freely with the idea of “The Light” I made it relevant to me. I cant tag people outside my blog but the link to the poem is here johnrichardsonpoetry.wordpress.com/2018/04/26/the-light-writing-challenge/ I took it more as a challenge so I did it in a time limit. Let me know what you think, thanks for the inspiration

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