I hope you are all having an enjoyable weekend.

I have just discovered that I have quite the backlog of “spam” comments, a lot of which are not spam, they are from you. It is not a section I check that often, as I attend to the comments through the notifications section.

So, if there is something that you have written that does not seem to have appeared in the comments or I have not replied to, it is probably there in the spam section. I will try and get through them today. Just know I am not ignoring you.

On the subject of comments, I seem to have upset a couple of people of recent. The way I reply to comments is not conventional. I tend to be around right after posting to reply to quite instant replies and then afterwards I get to them as and when I can. I tend to reply from top to bottom of my notifications, which I realise now does not seem very fair, seeing as those who commented first, get replied to last. In this instance, I am changing that and will start going from bottom to top. Another factor is length. If you have spent the time to write an in depth and lengthy comment, I require more time to read and respond to these. These comments tend to take a bit more time to get to, but it doesn’t mean I am ignoring or benching them, simply I am waiting to give them the time they deserve. Lastly if you write a post and tag me in it, I need more time to read it. Also, I have to read these on my laptop as accessing them on my phone is a pain. Sometimes I can’t get the link to open or it opens outside of WordPress where I will be unable to write a comment. So I wait until I am able to access my laptop and then I can read and respond properly.

I have always used this system and I have never had any problems in the past, but it seems as my blog grows, as do the comments and it becomes more difficult to get to everybody at one time.

Interacting with you, getting to know you and receiving your kind words and support is one of the most important aspects of blogging to me and so I want to have the best system in place to get back to all. Like I have said in the past, WordPress has the best community on the internet in my opinion and the interactions is what inspires me to carry on doing what I do here.

I hope you understand and that if I have unknowingly upset you in anyway, then I apologise. Of course, I would never ignore anybody, I just need the time. I love hearing from you, so please don’t stop interacting.

Until next time,ย A broken clock is right two times every day.


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    1. I didn’t realise that it was there for the longest time and then I just tend to forget. I am sure when I started blogging I didn’t even have a comments tab. I will just have to work it into my routine. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. And don’t worry about upsetting people. People will be upset no matter what you do. If not the first group, then the second group. You can’t satisfy everybody in this world. All you do is satisfy yourself.

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  2. Comment how you want. It’s your blog. It doesn’t help with real spammers filling up out boxes with nonsense too. And the more people enjoy your blog, the more people you have to respond to. Keeping you in prayer. God loves you, Sara!

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  3. You are wonderful, and witty, no matter what you tell us.
    For all of you who have hundreds of followers, some even in the thousands, I am at a loss as to how any of you could respond. It takes me a few hours just to read some of the postings. Have a wonderful week end yourself.

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  4. You live, you learn.
    The Spam folder can be your best friend, but also your worst foe. I’ve learned that a while back and now check it regularly.
    I usually respond to the oldest comments first just because I noticed the Notification section has the ability to “forget” older comments if my notifications get too much traffic. I don’t want to miss any of them (I once or twice did), so I start from the bottom to clear them.

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