It’s 2AM. I am still having trouble sleeping. I do hope this passes soon. At least it inspired this poem…

Birds are waking

I should be sleeping

Mind is racing

In darkness I’m sneaking

Eyes wide open

Wishing they would close

Brain won slow down

Desperation shows

Thoughts are all scrambled

Thinking of nothing

Why can’t I sleep now?

The birds are now singing

Soon it’ll be light out

I’ll still be awake

Please can I sleep now

Sanity at stake

And so I try again

To enter the dream state

The cycle continues

And so I wait

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(I will link to the artwork when I try and find the original artist tomorrow).


  1. Oh, insomnia is just oodles of fun. NOT! I’ve been in the same boat trying to unwind, and fall asleep. I have been checking online a lot lately looking up sleep meditation, as well as hypnosis, and I have been successful in finding two really good ones. Jason Stephenson is a great find, with his soothing voice and sounds in the back round. You should check him out.
    In the meantime, I love this poem. You nailed it on the head! 🙂

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