Screen Sensation

I was recently given the opportunity to try out Screen Sensation. Screen Sensation is an at home screen printing system. I was very excited to be given this chance, so I tried to make the most of it.

I have made a video (which took over 8 hours to put together!) to show you how to use the kit and I also made 3 projects to show you what it can do. I had a lot of fun with the projects and making the video. Please give it a watch. I hope you enjoy it!


These are the finished projects:


I think with trial and error, a lot of great projects will come out of this kit. I already feel that I have made huge improvements with just three tries. You can do repeat pattern printing, which I think is cool, but may take some practice for me to master. By the end of it all, when I stepped back and looked at what I had created, it left me with a nice feeling and the thought “I did that”.

All in all the system is straightforward and easy to use. You tape on your chosen screen, apply the ink and drag the ink down with the squeegee provided, which if you apply enough ink, you can do in one swipe. With the mini squeegee, you can scrape off the excess ink and transfer it back to its original container.

The Screen Sensation could definitely be fun for all of the family. I envision a rainy day, the kids are bored, so the whole family gets together and makes t-shirts for each other. There is so much choice in both colours and screens that there is something for everyone.

They have slogans and some pretty funny puns as well as beautifully detailed picture screens like the ones that I chose. There are also patterned screens which are perfect for repeat printing. Check them out here.

I managed to stay relatively mess free, but with little ink I did get on my fingers, it came straight off when I rinsed them with cold water.

If you fancy giving Screen Sensation a try for yourself, they have generously offered a 25% off discount code, which you can use on any Screen Sensations product found here. Simply add your items to your basket and then enter the code: SSBL25-T8IFI at the checkout. It is definitely worth checking out their site!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you do purchase one of the kits, I would love to see your creative projects.

Until next time, happy printing.


A special thank you to Andex for giving me tips and advice on video making, the video improved vastly after he helped me with it.

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