I Challenge You… Again!

When I was a young girl (Younger than 10), I found an old, rusted key buried in my garden. It excited me because I used to repeatedly watch The Secret Garden and I used to imagine that this key was for my own secret garden. It is the only physical object I have carried with me into adulthood. I do not know why; I have an attachment to it now.

The key is quite big in size. I will insert a picture of it in my hand for scale:

I have always wondered where it came from and over two decades, I have imagined up a lot of stories for where or what the key unlocks. This key, funnily enough, quite literally may be the key to my creativity.

The last challenge went exceptionally well and I thank each one of you who participated. There was an abundance of stunning stories and poems. I honestly did not expect the challenge to take off the way it did.

And so, I challenge you, again. If you are willing, I present to you ‘The Key Challenge’. I want to hear your version of where this key leads to. What mysteries will your key uncover?
Again, there are no rules or time limit, it is your story and you tell it however you want to. Be it a short story, a poem, you could even draw a scene or make a song if you prefer. Just like last time, please tag me in your post so I can check it out. Or, as some of you did, add it to the comments section.

I will be participating in this one myself. (I’m currently just over 200 words in!)

I cannot wait to see what you come up with this time. Having my little rusty key go on its own adventure would be a dream come true.

Until next time, let’s get creative!


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  1. Found a rusted fist-sized key,
    Growing from a secret garden.
    What its use could possibly be,
    A challenge and a pardon.

    A hammer makes your troubles
    All look like they are nails,
    So check if your key doubles
    Into locked doors your tales.

    It’s up to you what way it goes,
    If you’ll let it get you down
    To see so many options close
    With just one key to go around.

    Or you could focus on the key
    And learn to see solutions
    So tell me, what you’d have it be,
    Advance or disillusions?


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      1. Very well done and super impressive that you managed this in such a short amount of time. It ended perfectly, but still left me wanting to know what happens next. One small detail that you might want to look over is that her name seems to change by the bottom half of the story, but this is probably just a typo. πŸ™‚ Thank you for taking part in the challenge and I hope you had as much fun writing it as I did reading it. πŸ™‚

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      2. Thanks for the feedback (and for the remark, I’ll check it right away) I’m now looking forward to new challenges, and I think I’ll look over the other one you posted… the Light was it? I didn’t YET check it out, but I’m planning on doing so eventually πŸ™‚

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