April in Pictures

April has been a strange month. One of the shortest months, but it has felt peculiarly long for some unknown reason.

It is the start of the warmer, brighter seasons and we even had a few days of lovely sunshine over here in Sweden.

I have struggled a little this month, with a feeling of emptiness. It has not been something overwhelming like it would usually be, but it brought my productivity right down which is why I have not blogged so much this month.

In the matter of the subject regarding my post Let’s Get Real, things unexpectedly fell into place and that person has expressed they no longer want anything to do with me. I suppose I should accept this as good news, as I needed the disconnection. It dumbfounds me more than giving me any sort of emotions, but I am sure in time it will bother me less and less.

I have had a couple of blogging assignments that I took part in this month and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of those. It is something different for my blog, but being given the chance to take on cool and creative projects was just what I needed and I hope I can participate in more in the future.

The writing prompts that I set as challenges have been a joy too. Seeing all of your stories and ideas come to life by a few simple words astounds me and I am entirely grateful to all who have participated in either or both of them. (If you missed them, these are the current challenges – “The Light” and “The Key”.
In hindsight, I do not think I spread these two challenges out enough, as the first one got a much broader response. In future I will do one per month, so people can feel like they have more time. As I said in each post, there is no time limit and so if you still want to participate in either one, please do. I love to read your work.

I think that is it for now, hopefully with the transition into May, it brings with it a more upbeat month.

Here are a few pictures I took during the month of April. Enjoy!

Until next time, a hug from me to you.


Enjoyed the first signs of sunshine with a strawberry daiquiri. 

That time I tried to dye my hair and got more on my hands than my hair.

One tasty dish. Cooked with love by my other half.

The end result of my blue hair adventure.

Thank you Small Island Scribbler. (His artwork is amazing!)

I prefer apple martinis. (Don’t judge me!)

Thank you for the coffee.

Apparently I have a lot to say!

Catching up with family back in the UK. ❤

That time the sun came out.

I am very grateful to be able to witness such views.

A waterfall. (Sort of).

The reason I dyed my hair blue was because I planned on having it cut short and here we  are.

Sometimes all you need is fried chicken. (Homemade of course!)

A little snack.

Sometimes I play with Snapchat filters. (add me – Barbieshangover)

Pandemic – an extremely fun board game. (You get to save the world!)

I really enjoyed this project. Thank you so much for your support on this blog post.

The editing session that literally took over 8 hours!

Sometimes you have to do as you are told.

Small injury. (I will never take my right thumb for granted again).

Trying to stay productive and organised coming into May to make it the best month possible!

If you have made it this far into the post, thank you! ❤



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