I Walk Alone

Been silent for too long
On the path you walk
Too afraid to respond
When listening to you talk

Your opinions were to the extreme
To which I did not agree
But I would just stand there, stare and nod
Although I wished to flee

Your ideals were outrageous
You thought they kept you grounded
To me they screamed “insanity”
I was constantly dumbfounded 

For years it was the same damn thing
I couldn’t take it any more
Holding in my silence failed
My feelings began to pour

You tried to convince me
My feelings were lies
Forcing me to listen
Through screams and cries

This time I cover up my ears
I no longer hear
You can wail at me all you wish
You no longer instill fear

You cannot hold me in your pride
Let me make this known
This time I walk on my own path
And now I walk alone

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      1. SarainLaLaLan, can you tell me how much long have you been writing? I am new here, been writing for about 3 years but never posted. I wanna know how can I increase my followers 😦


      2. Ive been writing for a long long time, I have been blogging for just over a year. My first piece of advice would be to post something! If people don’t have anything to read then they don’t really have much reason to visit your blog 🙂


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