Dream Demons

An entry from my dream diary:

Last night, I defeated the demon in my dream. I defeated them for the first time ever! I do not know what this means, but surely it is good. If I could only identify what the demon signifies, I may have solved an issue and do not know what. I will not dwell on that right now, as this is a positive outcome.

Without even thinking, I did not run. I turned and faced my demon head on. They were not expecting it and neither was I. There was a strength that I never knew I had. I needed not a sword, or the strength of ten men, nor did I require some fantastical magical power. I simply used my voice. I did not scream, I simply spoke up for myself, calmly. I defended my right to be in my own world.
The demon did not shatter into a million pieces, they did not vanish into a cloud of smoke, the demon in fact went for somebody else. Just because this demon no longer affected me, it did not stop them from trying to attack others. Not in my dream, buddy! So, I stopped them, over and over again. Protecting anybody in the demon’s path. I must have stood up to them over ten times and I would have carried on protecting the others had I not woken up.

Who knows whether the Dream Demon will return, at this point it is less concerning. I feel I now have the tools to stand up to it, whenever it decides to rear its ugly head. Who would have thought that a voice could be more powerful than a weapon? Of course I know the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword”, but until this point, I had not seen proof of those words. It is comforting to know that It can be done.

Maybe this is the start of something new, something good. Only time will tell.

Until next time, sweet dreams!


(Image source – Google. Unknown origin.)

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  1. The most powerful words, ever, for any human to ever say to anyone, was spoken by Sarah to the Goblin King in Labyrinth. “You have no power over me.” Beautiful Sara, you have that power. And I’m so proud of you that you USED IT. ❤


      1. It can be scary. The garbage dump scene scared me. Because my family’s business for a long while was auction support. So we had junk all around us all the time. The movie really deals with heavy themes of authenticity.


  2. Though many prefer not to accept it, humans actually do have that power. 🙂 Without it, I’d have walking other worlds instead of chatting with you here. Thank goodness for being able to say ‘nope. I’m going to refuse your offer.’

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