Tea Party #2 – Share your blog!

I hosted a tea party back in March and it went exceedingly well.
Lots of you shared about yourselves and what your blog is about. Hopefully you got to know other people in the process.
I think it is always good to connect and share with others and so I am going to host my second tea party.

This space is yours and yours alone to share about yourself and to promote your blog. I will be pinning this to my front page, so you can refer back to it if you are looking for new blogs to follow. I will leave this post pinned for the entire month of May in hopes that you get the chance to connect with the other lovely people of WordPress, just like I have had the opportunity to.

So, without further ado, I invite you to May’s Tea Party. All are welcome, all you have to do is post a little bit about yourself and what your blog is about. Remember to leave a link to your blog too!

Until next time, stay connected!


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  1. My name is Nathan.
    I am a previous “how to quit smoking blogger” turned “Depression and anxiety blogger” soon to be “DAD blogger”

    yea it’s all over the place…

    The only way i know how to get people to read the damn thing is to post it on facebook, and find random blog share posts like this.

    So here ya go.


    This post is a little heavy, but i promise they arent all like that.

    Thanks in advance for not ignoring me


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  2. I know I’m late to the party but…
    I just started a blog about tea! It’s called Brew with B where I review teas and write about tea in general. If you get a chance please check it out. Here: brewwithb.wordpress.com.

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  3. Hi Sara, thank you for generously hosting. I’ve found several exciting new blogs to follow here.

    I’ve just started this week and will be blogging about my passions for writing and theatre-making. I tend to write long posts so perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea but my aim is to exercise my writing skills. I hope it will interest other bookworms and theatre lovers and anyone who likes to hear about new things. All feedback for improvements welcome!


    Thanks again x

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