I Shall Return

What goes up must come down
But does it have to be so quick and fast?
Yesterday was gleeful, today I frown
Why can’t happiness ever last?

I try hard, my efforts shunned
I am running out of steam
So bad so quick, I’m almost stunned
I am giving up this dream

I understand that life is hard
But this is just insane
I’m getting scars upon my scars
My body’s completely drained

Of course again, I won’t give in
But right now I feel defeated
I know in time I’ll surely win
At this moment I feel cheated

No longer will I run from the dark
I will let it consume me
Here I will wait for the spark
When darkness fades, a new me

So, fear not, I shall return
Currently I need some time
To wait out for the peace I yearn
Then I can return to my prime

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  1. I can really relate to this poem right now in my life. In the beginning of the poem it reminds me of the ups and downs of my moods that go with my Bipolar chaos. I haven’t read about you yet since I just signed up for WordPress 5 mins ago and just found your page when I looked up “in-love”. Do you have Bipolar by any chance or depression? I felt a connection with your feelings that came through in your words.

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