I Shall Return

What goes up must come down
But does it have to be so quick and fast?
Yesterday was gleeful, today I frown
Why can’t happiness ever last?

I try hard, my efforts shunned
I am running out of steam
So bad so quick, I’m almost stunned
I am giving up this dream

I understand that life is hard
But this is just insane
I’m getting scars upon my scars
My body’s completely drained

Of course again, I won’t give in
But right now I feel defeated
I know in time I’ll surely win
At this moment I feel cheated

No longer will I run from the dark
I will let it consume me
Here I will wait for the spark
When darkness fades, a new me

So, fear not, I shall return
Currently I need some time
To wait out for the peace I yearn
Then I can return to my prime

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  1. It rings so true. From an early childhood I learned to expect the bad come rather quickly after the good. It rarely fails. But then again, that is why I appreciate the good so much more. Because I know it will be gone the moment I blink.

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      1. You are very welcome.

        Good question… I originally intended to be fully anonymous here. But I feel I have grown comfortable with you and the community. I don’t know if I will ever publically display myself, but you can call me Andrew.

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