The Creature

Be still, the creature senses fear
Speak not, for he will pounce when near

He feeds on insecurities
Diminishes any purities

Until you are left an empty shell
Living in your own personal hell

The creature never leaves
He lingers and deceives

Dare not to feel secure
For he is waiting at your door

The creature never sleeps
Silently he creeps

So, always be aware
He will attack without a care

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  1. Oh Sara! The only thing that makes him run is LOVE and TOTAL SELF ACCEPTANCE. It’s the only thing that works in the long run. Also, he’s kind of a good guy, trying to help you find your self-acceptance and unconditional humble self-love.

    I know that sounds very counter intuitive and most will shout me down. But it’s true. Deep deep truth. And getting to it can be painful. I had to shed a whole bunch of attachments to what I should feel/be/do/like and also to the coulds and the would haves if onlies.

    Nothing matters but right now any more. My shadows are my friends. And I’ve discovered any changes facing them with love for them and all they are there to protect me from — those are the changes they fear the most and will try to stop me doing. But once I cut back those brambles — even the shadows enjoy basking in the light.

    I hope that is somewhat useful. I fully believe in you and your healing.

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