Bird Lady

This weekend, I adventured to the pet shop, returning home with two new additions to the family. This is Isaac and Maggie:

When were bringing them home, Issac seemed like a nosey chap. He kept poking his head down to see what was happening. Maggie just sat on the perch and it was a calm ride home.

For the first few hours, even with my partner and I leaving the house and coming back, the birds sat in the exact same position; not moving at all. We thought it best to leave them to it and let them take all the time they need to settle.

After a couple of hours, Maggie surprisingly started to explore first. She seemed like the quiet one, so I thought Isaac would be the dominant of the two. It turns out I was wrong.

In time I will work on taming them and hopefully training them too. For now I have to leave them to their own devices to get used to their new environment. Gradually I will interact with them and if I will keep you updated on the progress if it is something you are interested in.

I have kept birds before, when I was a kid and my other half has had pet birds too. Until recently, we had Sir Toby. Unfortunately he passed away on Christmas Day. He was 10 years old, so he did well for an old bird.

We decided to get two birds so they have each other when we aren’t home. They seem to get on pretty well, although they did bicker over toys and perches for a while yesterday.

We were told that Isaac (the Blue one) is definitely male and Maggie (the white one) is most likely female, but it is difficult to tell at this stage because she is so young. So fingers crossed she has not been mis-gendered!

So, this is the start of the journey of Isaac and Maggie. I hope you enjoy.

Until next time, have a great week.


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  1. I had a blue one and assumed it was male, so we called it Monty. It started to change colour and grew yellow feathers. Then one day we found an egg in the cage, so we changed it’s name to Priscilla after Cilla Black because it was full of surprises 🤗. Unfortunately, the egg didn’t hatch because it needed a cock to sit on the egg. Then Cilla went quiet and died shortly after 😢 it’s always best to have two, one of each sex and seeing your video on FB they are obviously kisssing and getting quite acquainted already 😊


  2. They are super cute! I could never keep birds due to an unprocessed trauma in my 5th grade history class involving a mean, old cockatoo and my mother’s insistence that all birds are dirty and carry diseases but… I love pictures of birds. It lets me get close without the creeping anxiety of close contact. Congratulations on the new additions to your family 🙂

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