The Unknown

I look at the clock, it is midnight. For hours now I have laid in bed, thoughts spinning in uncontrollable circles. Categorising is not my forte and so I let these thoughts whirl. If I look close enough into the darkness, it is as if I could almost pluck an idea out of mid air and it could appear before me. I try to steer clear from doing so, as my luck in this usually leads me to bringing my nightmares to life. Often I cannot tell what is real and what is my over active imagination. With these projections comes feelings. I manifest demons and they come to harm me. I feel the pain they inflict and so I attempt to stare into the darkness, detached from my thoughts. Letting them free fall from my mind.

This particular night I feel calm and with calmness comes the storm. I sense danger side stepping slowly into my mind’s eye and so I shut my eyes fast and tight. It is too late, a faceless monster appears. I sense an evil grin as I open my eyes. It forces its hand over my mouth. Silencing me from the screams I long to let out. In the pitch blackness of night its shadow is overpowering and I see its grand stature standing over me. Leaving me frozen in fear. It does not speak, it only grins, knowing that this is enough to leave me terrified and motionless. My weakness is fear. I fear the unknown and The Unknown is here before me, standing about twelve feet tall. Hunched over me, back to ceiling. My fear is suffocating me. I struggle to breathe through its gigantic hand. It pushes my head deep into my pillow. It feels as though my head might implode at any moment. I want to kick, but I still can not move. I have forgotten how. The pressure is immense and right now I feel I might meet my end. I can barely breathe or swallow. I long for air.

Suddenly a thought surfaces. I have been here before. I know this monster. Perhaps an old friend? Surely not, that is absurd. I do though, recall the unknown. I have faced it many times in the past. I fix my gaze towards the shadowy figure. I imagine myself looking into its eyes, even though I see nothing. The unknown realising what I am doing, attempts to block my thoughts with scare tactics. Not this time. I quickly regain my mobility and kick out as hard as I can into the darkness. I feel the restraints lifting and I desperately gasp for air. I take a deep breath in and as I breathe out I let out a scream.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” I yell into nothingness and as quickly as The Unknown appeared, it was gone.

I push myself upright and catch my breath. I really need to stop watching horror films before bed.

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  1. Idk if this was the intention, but I thought it was going down the path of a representation of mental illness. It sounded kind of like an example of anxiety, I really like when writers can make someone else feel a perspective, so that was really cool.

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  2. I love the realization of what you fear being painted through a canvas of words!! You are right, avoid horror movies…the plant fear!! Do you pray for God’s intervention in all your life’s aspects? Excuse the odd question…


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