Take a breath
Make it deep
Close your eyes
Find answers you seek

You knew them then
You know them now
Open your mind
Remember how

Hidden in darkness
Deeply you’ll dwell
A chance of reliving
Your worst living hell

Stay for a moment
Grab what you need
Flee towards sunlight
Sow a new seed

The evil within
It isn’t you
It isn’t me

It wasn’t you
It wasn’t me

It’s never you
It’s never me

Face away from familiar
Don’t hide away
The darkness is calling
But the light will stay

The voice in your head

That voice now is dead

They’re your eyes
It’s your mind

Now is the time
To find yourself

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Image Source: Unknown.



  1. Omg… I love it! Thought I would stop by and say hi… I was following your site as KtsPlethora but my site crashed and I lost everything except the post I did for your challenge… I saved that to my drive lol.. but I’m back now catching up on everything as BlogginAndMommin…


    1. Hey Katie. I’m sorry you lost your content, here’s is to making more! So strange that the challenge saved. I do remember your name for sure and I think I remember which one was your story. It was so nice of you to take part. Good luck with your new site and you have my support ❤️


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