Please Read: We Could Help Each Other

It is crazy how quickly you can click with some people. This is precisely what happened between myself and a fellow blogger here on WordPress.

I recently met Southern Musician and we chatted and got to know each other a little over a couple of days and Southern came up with a wonderful idea of starting a mental health support group. I was keen on this idea and was very interested in being part of it. We discussed and decided on a platform to host this group and it is now up and running.

The platform we decided on is called Discord. It is an app of sorts, quite like Skype, but with far more features. It gives us the option to categorise chat rooms and voice chat rooms, so there is something for everybody. I know that there will be many of you who will not have heard of Discord, but I would encourage you to install it and sign up so you can join the group. You can use Discord via a browser (Firefox, Google Chrome etc) or you can download it’s dedicated app either on your PC or even on your phone.

The point of this group is to build up a community and offer peer to peer support to anybody who suffers mental health issues. No matter what you struggle with, we want our core message to be “Nobody has to feel alone” and so everybody is welcome. Of course this is not a substitute for professional help, merely a place you can feel you belong. If you feel you need someone to talk to, you believe sharing your experiences will help others or you are simply interested in lending an ear to those in need, I offer an invitation to all of you. Even if you do not want to talk directly, there will be dedicated rooms that offer inspirational words, pictures and stories that might just brighten up your day.

In time, I hope to grow this community into something really special where everybody that stops by feels like they belong. I know what is like to feel otherwise and if we can help as many people feel included, cared about and supported, then this will all be worthwhile.

You can download the Discord App here or search Discord on your phone’s app store and you can install it there. Once you have the app in either capacity, click on this link and you will receive an invite to click on and as soon as you click that, you are in the group.

If you have any questions about the app or our intentions for the group, let me know you can contact me personally, or let me know in the comments and I will assist you as much as I can.

I never ask this of anybody usually, but this is very important and I am very serious about creating this community, so if you could please share this post, it would mean the world to me. Either here on WordPress, a Retweet, anything will do.

Remember, this group is for everybody, there are no exclusions. If you have ever feel like you need somebody to talk to, then please join. we can help build this community into something amazing.

Until next time, you are never alone.





    I’ve done this sort of thing in the past. Please be mindful that you DO YOUR SELF CARE FIRST AND FOREMOST EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY. Why?

    Burnout is a thing and when it hits – things can go south quickly for many more folks than JUST YOU. Communicate clearly and regularly with your co-host for this work and make sure you have procedures you have both agreed upon for when emergencies come up.

    People do get suicidal and handling that has to be VERY CAREFULLY DONE. Please, be careful, mindful, and DO YOUR SELF CARE FIRST ALWAYS!


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  2. Nice idea Sara, I’ve been on Discord off and on for years, I have the app on my PC but that is in storage right now, I’ll see about getting the app on my phone and then setting up a new account.


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