What just happened..?

You are never going to believe this when I tell you, but I am now a published song writer! I am more shocked than anybody that this has happened. One day, I am sitting at my laptop on Notepad, writing a little rhyme in jest of a funny conversation I had with a friend and the next thing I know, he has taken said rhyme and created a song out of it! That song is now on iTunes. It is called Chicken Jiggle Jingle.


This is both amazing and hilarious, because I never expected something like this to happen, especially as quickly as it did. The song is all in good fun and actually has a cool beat to it. It’s the lyrics which are questionable, which is where I came in.

If you’re curious about this song, you can give it a listen on Spotify here. If you wanted to go one step further to support me and have 79p to spare, you can buy the song on iTunes here. Bear in mind this song is a parody. It is still a fun song and I am sure kids will love it especially. Also if you have neither of those, you can also listen to it on Vanilla Bizcotti’s SoundCloud. He has a lot of other fun songs on there too!

If I did happen to earn anything from the song, it would go towards publishing my book. I want to make it the best it can be. The book of course something far more serious than this song. Having this opportunity in that respect makes this all the more special to me.

Let me know what you think of the song if you have a listen and if you buy it I would love to know so I can thank you. I don’t know how far this song will go, but it would be a waste if i did not try.

Until next time, Jiggle.


Artwork by Vanilla bizcotti who also performed the song and made the music.

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  1. congratulations – that is NOT an easy thing to accomplish — I played with it a little long ago because I knew someone who wrote songs – but my style of writing is completely different. good for you – I wish you continued success. Sandra Lee Smith

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