Life and Blog Update

Hello and happy October!

Autumn is coming in full force and I love it. My favourite season is finally here and I cannot wait to witness the change of the leaves, the crisp chill in the air and the cosy nights in.

In my last update I spoke of finally getting the acceptance to become a Swedish resident. It was a truly huge weight taken off my shoulders and now I finally have the ball rolling. My plans as far as residency goes are to enroll in school to learn Swedish properly. I am currently learning using an app, but I think it would be a lot more beneficial to be in a classroom surrounded by others and being able to interact and learn that way, instead of speaking into a mic following words on a screen. My other plan is to get myself registered with a GP and get some help with my anxiety which has not been kind to me recently. There are also other things I am able to do now that I have been accepted which will help a lot with me living here.

So, life is slowly getting somewhere. My internet presence has not diminished, I just have not been very present here on WordPress, which I insist on changing. I think I lost the self discipline I had to post as often as I used to and I made excuses for this, instead of sitting down and actually trying.

I will be back on Friday with my first official return post, which is a series I have been working on in the background. I am looking forward to the first post and I hope you enjoy reading it. If all goes well, this will be a regular Friday post. So, for the most part, I will have at least one post a week. I would like to do more and I will indeed try my best to start posting more consistently as I did in the past.

I have a lot of ideas for poems, I just lost my way finding the words I need to express them. I am tired of waiting for inspiration to strike, so I will strike inspiration instead.
I hope to be back into full swing as of now. I miss writing, I miss being part of this wonderful community and I miss all of you.

So, if you will have me back, I will work extra hard to bring you the content that kick started my blog off in the first place.

Until next time, it is good to be back.


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  1. I think we all go through periods of “writer’s block” in some form or another. Hell, I haven’t written creatively for nearly four years now. (college burned me out) It’s funny, like ironic funny, because I found this quote by Nick Cave last night: “Inspiration is a word used by people who aren’t really doing anything.” That kind of made me chuckle because they say we cannot claim to be writers unless we are actually writing something, even if it’s superficial crap. On the other hand, really, the only people we need to please are ourselves, and, of course, we’re all our own worst critics, and yet I say: Write your heart out and don’t let yourself be judged by anyone, except perhaps the ones we love, because in their eyes, if they truly love you–you can do no wrong.


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