Spotlight: Steven Colborne

You may have noticed that I have not blogged as frequently as usual over the last few months, it saddens me, but unfortunately my writing inspiration seems to have gotten up and left me behind.

Since I have quite a sizable platform here on WordPress, I thought it would be an nice idea to reach out to other bloggers and have them choose a passion they would like to share with you. This way you can get to know other bloggers. 

The Spotlight series will be posted weekly and I will be choosing bloggers from all walks of life, with a variety of passions.

Up first we have Steven Colborne, he runs a blog called Perfect Chaos.
Steven was born and raised in the UK and resides in London.
He is a keen musician who even has his own home studio.

Steven is a man of many talents, he has written two books and has recently released an album! Steven has worked with several charities over the years.

I have known Steven for a while now and he is a kind and caring spirit. He has chosen to speak about philosophy and his faith, so without further ado, I pass the floor to Steven Colborne!

When I was in my early teens, I remember standing in the kitchen of the family home where I grew up and feeling the anger well up inside me as I questioned my father about his belief in God. I asked him how he could have faith in a being that to me seemed to be so obviously fictional. His response? “Everything I’ve ever asked of Jesus, He has done for me.” That statement signaled the end of the conversation as far as I was concerned; that was just the height of irrationality.

Perhaps after reading the preceding paragraph you’re expecting a dramatic conversion story from me – a testimony of how I came to faith in Jesus myself after tasting a life of sin. Well, that happened! But what might surprise you is that repenting of my sins and coming to faith in Jesus was one stepping stone for me along a spiritual journey which has been very broad in scope, encompassing explorations into Hinduism and Buddhism, getting involved in New Age spirituality, getting diagnosed with a schizophrenic condition, studying Philosophy and Religion as a postgraduate student, attending a wide variety of churches, experimenting with some mind-altering substances, going on various meditation retreats, joining a cult one time, and so on. I mention all of this only because through these experiences I have gained some insights into the nature of reality that I feel are so important that I have chosen to dedicate my life to sharing them with anyone who has a serious interest in listening.

I’m proud to call myself a philosopher. But all that means is that I’m fascinated by the mysteries that we are all confronted with. There is a common misconception that philosophy is a technical exercise involving analysing statements in a very academic way. That is a tiny part of what true philosophy is and should be. Why am I here? What is it possible for me to know? Is there a God? Why is there so much suffering in the world? Do we have free will? These are a few of the questions of true philosophy, and I find them ceaselessly fascinating.

At the heart of my own philosophical perspective is the belief that God not only exists, but is all that exists. An attribute of God is that He doesn’t have boundaries, so it necessarily follows that nothing can exist that is not a part of God. This belief is not compatible with Christianity, as the Christian worldview depends on free will (if, as Christians argue, we are sinners who will be judged one day by God for our actions, then those actions must be freely undertaken or divine judgment makes no sense). But if I’m right in saying that God is everywhere, and everything is under God’s control, this raises a host of questions in terms of morality, suffering, ethics, science, and so on. It is these questions that are the focus of my philosophical writing, and I expect to continue exploring them and writing about them for as long as there is breath in my lungs – or perhaps it would be more correct and appropriate to say, for as long as the will of God allows.

Thank you, Sara, for your wonderful blog, and for giving me a platform to share a bit about my life and philosophy. As you were, LaLaLand!

Thank you so much to Steven for taking his time to participate in the new series. I hope that you enjoyed it and look forward to Spotlight being a reoccurring series every Friday.

Until next time, have a great weekend!


You can check out more of Steven by visiting his site here.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your background story, Steve! We all come from a past and I happy you shared yours with us. 🙂 Your blog is wonderful and unique. Keep up the great work, Steve! And I love your spotlight series idea, Sara! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Connecting people is also a talent, Sara!

    Nice to see bloggers sharing like this.

    Makes a change from banging on about ourselves, as writers are inclined to do.
    (And yes: I’m totally guilty, when it comes to that!)

    Plus, having already been a grateful recipient of your generosity, and kindness:
    this post gives me an excuse to thank you, once again.

    Liked by 2 people

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