Healthy Mind

Replace my weakness with the strength I know I possess

Help me remember I am so much more during times I feel useless

I am braver than I realise

I have battled worse and come out alive

I convinced myself I am weak

This is not the truth that I seek

I know deep inside I am strong

The way I am putting myself down is what is wrong

I need to make things right

I need to have light in my sight

I tore myself down with delusion

Suddenly I have come to conclusion

I am worth more than I thought

I need to forget what I was taught

And come out of this much stronger

The weakness I can not take any longer

So this is a vow to myself

The thing that comes first is my health

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  1. Very powerful affirmations. Indeed, you are a strong beautiful person, and the vulnerability of this post and your honesty are what make you strong.
    The Chinese have a saying that says strength is flexible like bamboo. Firm yet flexible. Carry on deat one, your words speak the truth.

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