Lost Boy

How can I reach you?
It is clear that you are lost
Enjoying reckless abandon
Not considering the cost

I’m on the outside looking in
I sense that you are afraid
I reach my hand towards you
The attention that you crave

But you push it away
What is it that you really want?
You say you are lost
Yet still, you choose to remain

I want to help you…
But you have to allow me
Take my hand
And everything will be okay

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  1. Someone like you looking in and understanding the damage makes sense in a reality where most of us in the train wreck club have usually only been offered a professional appraisal by Barbara Bush or Bill Cosby refusing to double glove this time.
    Love ya work S

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      1. Of I meant to infer positives for you. There’s not a reason based in reality to say anything negative or otherwise of you 😇📚


      2. Ok. Just finished a gaming session with a couple of new guys at a local. Worthwhile session with 2 other experienced tabletop players

        Liked by 1 person

      3. A lot of medical stuff seems to be improving. Difficult to have much faith in the system anymore. I feel ok though. How’s you?


  2. Beautiful piece Sara.

    Speaking for the other person in your poem, it’s hard to let someone in when you fear you will inevitably hurt them. Sometimes, being lost is exactly where we deserve to be.

    Apologies; A bit deep for a Monday morning 😅

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  3. Just wish my girl would say this, i would jump and grab her hand!! How i miss her, just looking for the right words to get her attention


      1. Yup! Did all that, we were together for 2 years without any problems, she just woke up one day and decided that i was too possessive and that i wasn’t worth it. She asked me for time and i had no choice but to respect her choice, couple of days later she says she’s done with us. By the way appreciate the reply, but i feel i just have to wait and see if she’ll ever feel the same way again. Thanks miss, just felt like sharing.


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