Back into the Swing of Things

I am so glad to be back and I feel like I am on the same track as I was previously blogging. I felt like I was away for so long and then put pressure on myself to produce posts and with that pressure came nothing. Once I went back to blogging the way I used to, the creativity flowed on its own. Turns out the writer’s block came from me.

One thing I am going to change is announcing this and that and then not following through with it. Firstly, that does not look good for my consistency and secondly, it will help me not put so much pressure on myself that I end up with a blank page and a broken promise.

Blogging is supposed to be a fun hobby, a way to share my creativity and a place to meet like-minded individuals.  Which is what I had and for some reason I tried to push for more and that was a mistake on my part. For one, I do not even know what “more” there is. I am glad that I have returned to using WordPress as a relaxing place to let off a little steam. I feel the connections returning and this is the balance I require.

Last year I paid for a premium account, it does of course have its benefits such as my own site name with the .wordpress dropped and access to premium themes, also I had the chance to make some money with ads. Unfortunately none of these benefits are enough for me to pay for another year. I made about $10 for the entire year of paid WordPress and I can not even have that money, as there is a $100 threshold. I do not know what will happen to that balance, but I do not think paying for another 9 years of premium to maybe hit that threshold is worth it, so I suppose that $10 will just have to hang in limbo forever.

It was nice having my own site name, but I can not afford the fee just for that benefit. As for the themes, there are plenty of workable free ones, so it was not a tough choice to not continue with it. So, in the coming months, expect a few changes in the overall look of my blog.

That is where I am currently. I am very glad to be back and writing. I would like to continue sharing my art with you as I work on improving. I will continue posting poetry and also life updates. Oh, and I promise to share the photos from the cruise in an upcoming post!

Thank you for accepting me for who I am and letting me find my way without judgement. Your support and kind words keep the fire burning.

Until next time,  Warm autumn hugs!


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      1. I set myself deadlines when I am working on books, however, they are loose. I can change them at any point. I’m really busy with so much work at the moment, and I am constantly telling myself to take my time, not rush etc. I’m still smiling, so it must be working 😂😂


  1. You are a very wise young lady, Sara. Also a very fortunate one in that you paid for a premium site last year and you still have your original blog going. My paid experience was much different, and I repeated the mistake a couple of times before figuring out what was happening. My first two sites were pirated and put up for sale by a company that apparently looks for these things on WordPress. I was denied access unless I paid the pirates a huge sum of money for the privilege. Much easier to start a new blog, even though I lost followers each time, and had to really search to find my friends each time.

    My own blogging days are beginning to wind down for health reasons. Even typing is beginning to be pain-filled –oh, I’m not going to burden you with the perils of living to old age. Just please, take care of yourself now so hopefully by the time you reach my age there will be some hope for life without creaky joints that need to be oiled (if only there was a way to do that)! I foresee a bright future for you.


    1. Wow, I am so sorry that happened to you. Some people truly suck at being human beings.

      If writing is a hobby or passion that you love, it doesn’t have to be the end. You say the typing is becoming painful, but you can actually get programs that will type for you. Speech to text type of deal. I only really know of their existence currently, but if you’re interested, I could do a bit of digging and get a bit of information for you?


  2. Glad you’re back! I haven’t been on WP much lately, but I”m so happy I stopped in today to read your update. You sound happier and more relaxed. So happy you found your way back! ❤


  3. Welcome back Sara! I am in the same space, trying to write regularly again and it’s been 5 years at least. I have lots of ideas, and need to improve my energy management in order to produce better and more regular work.

    I wish you all the best and would love you to check out my pieces as they get done.



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