One Night At Sea

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I went on an over night cruise and that I would share pictures. I firstly apologise for my tardiness, but better late than never! (Right?)

I have never been on a “proper” boat before so this was a whole new experience for me. It had its pros and cons. The overall conclusion is that I am glad I tried it, but I probably would not do it again.

The room was lovely. We had a wonderful view from a full length window and were even treated to complimentary drinks.


The fellow guests however, were less to be desired. I am all for having fun, fun is great, but grown adults who can not control themselves when consuming alcohol, I detest. And this ship seemed to be abundant with them. I will not rant too much about inconsiderate people ruining other people’s experiences, but that is exactly what they did. Although, saying that, my wonderful partner helped make the most of the undesirable situation.

We got away from the crowds for a little while and headed for the spa area, which is definitely more my speed. I have never been to a spa before. I got a 50 minute facial and for that time, I forgot where I was.

After escaping the noise for a little while, we headed back into the thick of it. We explored the floors of the ship a little. The shops were closed as by this time it was past 9PM. We checked out the entertainment rooms where there was live music in one room and cheesy 90’s pop music in another. Not an atmosphere I minded, but we decided to purchase a deck of cards and  head back to the room.

I learnt to play a few new card games and had fun. Eventually headed to the land of nod, or so I hoped. There was no sleep to be had as more than one group of childish adults decided it was appropriate to bang on other people’s doors, shout in the hallways and generally act like (for lack of a better word) dicks.

After a lovely night of no sleep, we both got up pretty early and looked forward to breakfast. It seemed we had woken up on the Finnish time zone, so everything was an hour behind. Arriving an hour early for breakfast left us to explore the outside of the ship.


Provided with breakfast was champagne. Something I would have been all aboard for but I am yet to mention the sea sickness that came with this trip. For a good chunk of the trip my head felt like it was bobbing up and down like a ship. I attempted the beverage, but ended up giving it a miss. Breakfast however was pretty good.


For the remainder of the cruise, we spent our time in two hot tubs. One was on deck and had a lovely breeze. Eventually it got too cold, so we moved to the indoor Jacuzzi. Luckily for us, the spa area was pretty empty, as everybody was rushing to get ready to leave the ship once it docked. We thought we would make the most of the free time and relax for as long as possible. I did not take pictures of the spa areas, because, water.

During our time out of the room, I set my phone to time-lapse and got a little footage of the trip.

All in all, I am glad I took the trip and I am grateful I was able to. As I said previously, I do not think it is something I would do again. It seems to be more of a thing for party people, which I am not. I am sure there are plenty of cruise lines that offer different experiences, but once is enough for me. You never know until you try though! Another huge factor is how long the sea sickness lasted. I still felt like I was on the ship when I was in my own bed the following night. One thing I will definitely do though, is go to a spa. I do not think I have ever felt so relaxed before. An experience I would recommend to anybody.

Have you ever been on a cruise before? What was your experience? I would love to know.

Until next time, stay grounded.


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  1. I have not been on a cruise before, but I have heard about how other people behave. It’s unfortunate that people behave like this and no, I would not be able to stand being amongst people like that. The views you had look lovely and the boat too. I wonder what damage they face, that own the boat from these people that don’t give a dam? I can’t believe they even think it is funny to knock on others people’s doors. They are not grown up at all.
    I’m glad you find something to take yourself away from it; the spa. I have had this experience and once, in a hotel I stayed and it was lovely.

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    1. Honestly Liz, if it wasn’t for the spa, I probably would have wanted to jump ship!

      I do not understand why people act that way, but seeing as there were so many of them, I suppose it is the normal. It is just something I usually stay away from.

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  2. Totally hear you Sara. Being more mature and stronger within, often means that the drunken monkeys will project their shadow on you.
    Sometimes these people make us need to have a holiday to get over the holiday… or a coffee to get over the coffee


  3. My family used to travel to Holland by ferry quite often and the sea sickness I experienced was terrible. I won’t be too graphic! I used to try some remedies, like tablets, and these ‘sea bands’ that you put on your wrists, sometimes they seemed to work, other times, not so much!

    The best bit was that there was a cinema on the ferry. I used to get really excited about that, and it helped to pass the time and make me less seasick.

    Oh, and did you know there’s a blues artist called Seasick Steve? I think he’s named after me, lol 😁

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  4. Glad you enjoyed yourself, apart from the drunken dicks that is. 😅
    Been on a ship a few times, but usually just a couple hours and not overnight.
    Ferries to Calais and Catmarans, sailing and Dinghy trops around caves


  5. One cruise way back in 1984, 3 nights in the Greek Islands on a very small ship. Good for sightseeing and keeping down people nonsense. But, also good for creating sea sickness, which I did not get until I was pon land. Today’s cruise ships of 6,700 people do not interest me. Why would I leave home and take it all with me? Perhaps, some day a river cruise in Europe which is a little more subdued. Thanks for sharing Sara.Allan

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  6. This is a delightful description of your experience. I served in The Navy and am quite fond of the sea and appreciate what many find appealing. Personally, I would not want to be captive as a passenger on a cruise. I could see myself as a member of the crew, but is not something I want to actually go do

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  7. Great share. I’m with you on the party issues. You would think people would simply appreciate the cruise itself out on the water more as a shared luxury rather than some childish three day frat party. I have yet to take one myself. Perhaps I should venture on a quite round trip train as more welcoming?

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    1. I’ve been on a train over night before. It wasn’t my favourite experience either. People decided the room we were in was the best hang out place. I think I’m just unlucky!

      If I ever did that again, I would definitely stretch to a private room. Or whatever the train equivalent is. ^^


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