Hello my friends
It is story time
That time of the day when I close my eyes
Reach into my mind
And see what I find

It is time to create a new world
And see what unfurls
Will it be romance that starts in a whirl?
Or a simple tale of a boy and a girl?
Maybe adventure in a far off land
Or something to help you understand

Ideas are endless and start with one thought
I mean that is how I perceive it, I have never been taught
I could write of peace if that’s what I please
Or a world of constant onslaught, brought to its knees
I could bring terror with a glimmer of hope
I could make the characters struggle, give up or cope

This time is mine that I spend in my mind
I could be cruel or I could be kind
For none of it is real with this pen in my hand
As I welcome you to LaLa Land

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